Ozone Pool Cue Case - Tube 2 Butt/4 Shaft - Black

Ozone Pool Cue Case - Tube 2 Butt/4 Shaft - Black

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If you own a two piece pool cue you should have a pool cue case to protect your investment. This beautiful Ozone Billiards tube-style cue case can do the job. Simply insert the shaft and the butt, zip it up and it is ready to go with you to your favorite pool hall. This Ozone billiard cue case features:

  • Oval shape with poured rubber mold casing and lined in a soft, black material
  • Holds two butts and four shafts
  • Black Vinyl Exterior
  • Two exterior pockets: One 6" and One 14"
  • Carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • 32" Length case (fits up to 30" shaft)
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  • Excellent case

    Posted by Cory on May 6th 2017

    Great product, fast shipping! Ozone once again earns 5 stars

  • Great Case

    Posted by james on Jan 25th 2017

    Very nice case for the money

  • 2butt x4 shaft

    Posted by A petruzzelli on Jan 3rd 2017

    Great case for 55 bucks. Purchased for my 17 year old for xmas. Loves it. Shipped always on time ozone billiards! !!

  • ease

    Posted by Charles on May 7th 2016

    works great for my wife and I to carry our cues in 1 convenient case. seems durable and sturdy so far

  • Outstanding Value

    Posted by Mike on Jan 7th 2016

    I received this case last week and I love it. It seems well made and the pockets provide ample room for accessories. McDermott cues with joint protectors WILL fit, but I recommend inserting the shafts with the tips facing upward, otherwise you will have a difficult time getting the case open. (Also, the butts can be inserted with the joints facing up.) The tube depths are 30 inches (butt) and 28.75 inches (shaft), plus 1" in the lid; the outer length is 33 inches. This appears to be the same case McDermott sells for $82, so at $55 this is an outstanding deal.

  • Decent Case

    Posted by John on Nov 18th 2015

    Decent case for me to start off with. 2 issues, the shoulder strap is not sewn the best, I went to put my case over my shoulder one night and it ripped and went crashing to the pavement. Second issue, not enough storage. I generally carry extra chalk, tip tools, cue holders, chalk holder, coin holder and other odds and ends, I have absolutely no room left. One other gripe I have is its not big enough, hasn't been since three months after I got it, my fault I know.

  • Could be better.

    Posted by Therese on Sep 7th 2015

    I had a 2x2 I was looking to replace, so I purchased this. It arrived in fantastic condition and I would have kept it, BUT shortly after I played in a tournament that had Jacoby cues there. I purchased one that held my cues just a smidge looser (this one seemed like it would smoosh my tips over time - with or with out joint protectors) and seems to be overall constructed better.
    For the price of this case however, it is pretty dang good!

  • Nice cue case

    Posted by nicholas on Mar 6th 2015

    Just received this case today. It is was i was expecting a very nice and well built case.

  • Great Case And Can't Beat The Price

    Posted by Joe on Sep 30th 2014

    The 3x4 case is a bit overkill for me because I carry only two cues with me with no additional shafts. Though there are two additional empty spaces in the case it's okay because it's a lightweight case and the additional spaces don't matter. I went with the 3x4 because I do anticipate adding another shaft to my stable eventually and I won't have to purchase another case. The outside pockets are large enough to carry whatever care tools and cleaning rags along and the the cue holder.

    I would prefer that it had a padded carrying strap though. The nylon strap that comes with it isn't very comfortable if I'm carrying it for a while and it isn't very long making for constriction when it's strapped across the shoulder. The carrying handle should be moved more towards the back of the case as it is set too far forward and the entire case wants to lift up and there isn't really a comfortable carrying position when using the handle rendering it basically useless.

    For the money though it's good little case and I'll hang on to it for a while.