Otello Professional Cue Tip - Medium - 14mm

Otello Professional Cue Tip - Medium - 14mm

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The Otello Professional Cue Tip is made of high selected Waterbuffalo leather. Excellent for overall play and reaches all the characteristics needed for the game. This tip has an excellent value for the money. It has a medium density and is available in a 14mm size. Manufactured by Longoni Cues. Sold individually.

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  • Impressive allaround tip

    Posted by Wreiman on Nov 17th 2015

    If your a one cue player (Break and plating cue are one) This is the tip for you... or should at least be considered. This tip is not as Firm as the WB... it plays like a true med and can generate a lot of grip. It also hold chalk well and its shape well. This has been my go to tip for the past 2 years when I play most tables. I find that only on the fastest tables do I need to go to a softer tip on my second shaft.

    I have tried a lot of tips... but for the money, I can play at a high level with this most days, It's a bit softer than Lepros and triangles and a lot softer than the WB's .....

  • Better safe than sorry...

    Posted by David on May 22nd 2014

    Bought this as a replacement tip for my break or play cue, if ever I need it.


    Posted by Marvin on Aug 11th 2012

    I have used this tip before and was very impressed , so, I have ordered a few more! Put this tip on, shoot with it a little to compress it; shape it again and you wont have to touch up for quite a while! No mushrooming and unbelievable ball control !!!