McDermott Cues 11" Cue Extension

McDermott Cues 11" Cue Extension

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11 In.

The McDermott Cue Extension adds 11 inches to the length of your cue. This device helps with those hard to reach areas on the playing surface of your pool table. Works with McDermott's 1/2" weight bolt system. Easy to use , just simply unscrew the rubber bumper and install the new bumper (supplied) to allow the screw of the extension pass through the bumper and into the weight bolt and tighten. This McDermott Cue Extension features:

  • Fits onto any McDermott cue that uses our 1/2" weight bolt system
  • Adds 11" to the length of your McDermott cue
  • Weighs 6.25 oz
  • Black extension handle
  • Includes 1.5 oz custom weight bolt (used to attach handle)
  • Includes Custom bumper
  • Easy to install
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  • I would likely look for a different solution because ...

    Posted by James Bond 007 on Jun 6th 2017

    I would likely look for a different solution because I believe it could have been designed better for the same cost of manufacturing.
    When selecting this, if I knew 'then' what I know now, I would not have bought this item.

    1) I got: an Extension, tapped weight bolt, new cue end cap.

    2) It assembled easily and as per the instructions.

    3) When put together it is solid, comfortable, and easy to use.

    4) I found it easier to use than a bridge in some cases.

    1) The new 1-1/2 ox. Weight bolt, that is tapped to accept the ext , is a little less than 1-3/8 oz. Not a problem with the ext attached, but changed the weight a bit for the 99% of the time you are NOT using the ext.

    2) The standard weight bolt takes a 1/4" hex wrench to install. The new weight bolt is tapped right down the center, almost to the edges of the hex part.
    This leaves the attaching screw, that is attached o the ext., to be less than 1/4" in diameter (likely 3/16"). Seems a bit flimsy when attaching the ext. Seems like
    if The cue would slip while attaching the ext, the bolt would snap off of the ext.

    3) The threads of the bolt appear to be 24 tpi. This causes approximately 20 or so turns (1/2 turns) when attaching the ext.
    (and another 20 or so to take it off). Since the ext is used very infrequently, and for only 1 shot at a time, this is one case when a
    Quick Connect with less tpi would be appreciated. It takes a noticeable amount of tie to put it on and take it off. In fact, so much that it
    discourages me from wanting to use it some of the time.

    4) A new butt cap, with a hole for the bolt to insert into replaces the original. It does not tightly fit the bolt and does not help guide it to the tapped hole
    as well as expected. Because of this and the large tpi count, it is difficult to get the bolt started for fear of starting it wrong and stripping the hole threads.
    Again, this takes up too much time for a device that get put on, helps with one shot, and then is removed.

    5) The extension appears to be black painted wood. No problem with this. however, when installed and snugged up, this painted wood
    grinds against the but end of the cue (not just the rubber butt cap) as it snugs up, causing both the ext and your cue to get scratched and worn.
    Another reason to make me not want to use it. I am trying to figure out a method to add some sort of rubber or non-marring plastic spacer
    between the cue and the ext to prevent this.

    6) Weight bolt- if you do not use a 1-1/2 oz bolt, you will have to spend another 10$-ish dollars for your preferred bolt.

    Also, I think McDermott could have
    1) Used a thicker bolt with less TPI that threads quicker and better
    2) Used a larger bolt that was trimmed down to 1-1/2 oz. exactly.
    3) Made the connection a Quick Connect (less turns and fatter bolt)
    4) Improved the connection between cue and bolt to be non-marring

    ...for about the same cost.