Lucasi and Players Cue Weight Bolt - 0.5oz

Lucasi and Players Cue Weight Bolt - 0.5oz

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0.5 oz

This Lucasi and Players Weight Bolt will fit in Lucasi, Players, Dufferin and Rage Cues. It adds a 0.5oz weight to your cue and measures 2 1/4" Length x 1/2" Diameter. Customize the feel of your cue by adding or subtracting weight bolts from the butt. Easy to install just pop off the butt cap from the butt end of your cue and with the use of a 6mm Hex Key or Allen Wrench Tool (not included) unscrew the old bolt out and then screw the new one in. Adjusting the weight on your cue could be the factor of winning or losing a game.

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    Posted by Marvin Speck on Apr 6th 2018

    worked great, Ozone is the best

  • Excellent

    Posted by Nicolas Arce on Nov 9th 2017

    Nothing to say, it's what they announce.It is prepared to install the Balance Rite BRRR Rear Weighted Pool Cue Extension

  • .05 oz Can Make A Difference

    Posted by Phife on Jun 18th 2015

    I bought this last week and change my 1.5 oz weight bolt to this .05 oz weight bolt and it made a lot of difference for my cue ball control. The cue was too heavy for me because the cue ball control was lacking. It seems the heavier the cue, even with less pressure, I still felt like I hit the balls too hard. I went back to an 18 oz cue and this weight bolt has help me. The weight bolt is an exact fit for your Lucasi cue. The quality is good. Would buy again.

  • Works great!

    Posted by Sush on Sep 17th 2012

    Changed from 2oz bolt to 0.5oz on my Lucasi cue. (About 21oz to 19oz cue)

  • Pleased with purchase!

    Posted by Takeem on May 22nd 2012

    This product worked as designed and served it's purpose. I originally ordered my Players JB6 at 20oz because I wasn't sure what weight to choose for a break cue; I'd never owned one before and this was my first one. I removed the existing weight bolt, inserted this one and all is well.

    For those that either don't know or are curious, the default weight of the Players JB6 is 18oz without the weight bolt. Perhaps this will be helpful when determining what weight you want your break cue to be.