Longoni Cue Extension - Universal

Longoni Cue Extension - Universal

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The Longoni Cue Extension is the best tool to have for those who have trouble reaching certain shots on the table, This tool attaches to the butt of a cue and it's adjustable  to fit almost any cue in the industry. It measures 15.5" and provides 12 inches more of length to your cue. It is quick and easy to handle. Say no more to those tough shots or uncomfortable stands to hit the cue ball this Universal Extension is the answer.

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  • Great Extension Cue

    Posted by HNunies on Nov 22nd 2017

    My friend had one of these extensions and I tried it. I liked it so much that I needed to get my own. Like using this extension better than the bridge.

  • First cue extension ever!!

    Posted by Kevin Bransky on Apr 20th 2017

    When I got this in the mail I had to wait a couple days before I could use it, but once the opportunity arose my instinct was to reach for an extension rather than a rest; and the item worked perfectly! No troubles on the table when using this extension since it holds on tight, easily attaches and comes off quick for a keen return to the next shot. It's very light in weight, so the feel of the shot remains consistent. My only guff about an extension is deciding the best moment to utilize this amazing tool. Occasionally, when reaching "too far", more compensation is necessary for an accurate shot, which is not an easy task for a short guy like me, hehe. But again, those choices come down to how I'm playing, table conditions, etc. The extension will do its job, whether I'm good at it or not, lol.

  • Good piece of equipment

    Posted by Art on Jun 19th 2016

    The extension works great. It's fast and easy to use and really cuts down on bridge use. The only problem I found was with the case that came with the extension. One of the flimsy Velcro straps broke the first week I had it. I shouldn't have to repair or design a nice carrying case for the extension. Longoni makes good equipment and should address this problem.

  • Works well, worth the price

    Posted by Ken on Mar 23rd 2015

    This works well, much better than a traditional bridge in most instances as you can get more cue control with this extension. Ratchets nicely onto my cue, and because it's plastic and not too heavy it doesn't mess with my stroke. I agree the case could be more sturdy/convenient, as the length of this extension is just slightly too much to fit in the pocket of my cue case.

  • gets the job done

    Posted by Harvey on Feb 26th 2015

    I really hate using a bridge. With this extension I only use a bridge for the most unreachable shots. Once you get used to it the extension it goes on and comes off in a jiffy

  • Gets the job done

    Posted by Mark on Jun 9th 2014

    Need to have a few inches so you are not using the bridge. This is a good product.Does its job.

  • Cue extension for players who dislike a bridge

    Posted by Rick on Apr 25th 2014

    The cue extension works well and adjusts for different size cue butts and tightens for a snug fit. The extension gets the job done and helps make that shot which could determine the match. The only knock is I am not a fan of plastic.

  • very good product

    Posted by Jacques Laterreur on Feb 12th 2014

    I juste receive my Longeni cue extension and I tried it. It's very pleasant and easy to use.

    Thanks for your product and I appréciate very much your service and your professionalism.

  • Carrying Case Poor/Extension Great

    Posted by Ken on Oct 7th 2013

    The extension itself is great but the carrying case is very poorly constructed. I strap this to my cue case via the supplied velcro straps. In less than 4 months both the upper and lower straps have broken. the straps are very thin and the thread easily separates from the carrying case. I took the case to a sewing shop and had them sew on highly durable replacement straps. LONGONI needs to redesign the straps for much better durability.