Longoni Billiard Glove Painted Skull Face Left Bridge Hand

Longoni Billiard Glove Painted Skull Face Left Bridge Hand

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One Size Fits All
Left Bridge Hand

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The Longoni Billiard Glove Painted Skull Face Left Bridge Hand is from the new Fancy Line featuring cool color graphics and unique designs. Made in Italy from a sleek lycra material. Built for comfort and style. This glove has an adjustable wrist with velcro strap. Use for the left bridge hand. One size fits all. Please note these gloves are produced one by one with artisanal techniques therefore color and patterns can be subject to variations. This Longoni Billiard Glove features:

  • Made from Sleek Lycra material
  • Built for Comfort and Style
  • Multi Color Day of the Dead Inspired graphic
  • Fits Left Bridge Hand
  • Adjustable Wrist with Velcro Strap
  • One Size Fits All
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  • Good quality, seams are annoying

    Posted by Craig on Mar 10th 2014

    I've been wearing a glove for a long time and have tried most of the brands out there. The pattern on the Longoni glove is part of the material rather than being screened on top of it so the stick slides perfectly and in that sense the glove definitely does what you expect. Over all the build quality seems to be good. I don't see a need for the velcro wrist closure and have been leaving it closed most of the time, although if you make the effort it can make removing the glove a bit easier so it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Over all I'm happy with the purchase but the one item I would definitely change is the seams in the fingertips. The glove stretches to your hand and the seam inside the fingertips winds up digging in under my fingernails. It is distracting when you first put the glove on. Years ago I had motorcycle gloves that had the seams on the outside and someone needs to do that for a billiard glove.