Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool - Wood Box

Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool - Wood Box

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The Kamui Gator Grip is a new tip tool by Kamui Tips designed to properly maintain the shape of your cue tip. The inner plate of this tool is made out stainless steel which will last up to 1000 times longer than any sand paper. This tool is easy to use just simply scuff the side of the tip until you reach the desired shape and unlike other scuffers this tool comes in a beautiful wood box with the Kamui Logo engraved on both sides. It is small enough to fit inside any pocket and it closes shut by way of magnets to prevent any other items inside from getting scratched. This tool comes in an box wood color and is available also in Ebony.

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  • High Quality

    Posted by Richard on Jul 20th 2017

    It ruffs up the tip so it can hold chalk without any noticeable lose of leather.

  • Gift from fellow player

    Posted by Jose on Dec 9th 2015

    This scuffer is great, use it before you play. I always clean the tip before i store my cue; helps not getting chalk in the scuffer. Simply turn the cue in your hand while rolling the gator grip over the tip. It should have that fuzzy look after and hold chalk amazing, not the smooth polished look that often comes with miscues.

  • Lift fibers

    Posted by Rick on Apr 20th 2015

    Great innovative tool. Works by rolling on cue tip; the rough tool lifts the tips fibers allowing to hold more chalk. This is much more effective than a pick, which only penetrates holes into tip. There are cheaper versions with similiar technology, but this is the original.

  • great for layered tips

    Posted by David on Apr 12th 2015

    If used correctly, this tip tool allows the user to shape his/her tip to their exact preference. Also extends the life of the laminated tips like a Kamui or predator victory. Using a traditional scuffed eats through those tips way too fast, and when the tip costs $20-30, tip life becomes important! Well made tool that will be the last one you will ever need to buy...

  • awesome

    Posted by George on Oct 2nd 2014

    Must have.

  • A Delicate Touch

    Posted by Andrew on Sep 9th 2014

    Had a cue cube but wasn't interested in using it on a $20 tip. The Gator is far more delicate. Takes a little getting used to, but certainly worth the investment.

  • Great product

    Posted by Toby on Jun 4th 2014

    Luv this tool quick and easy to use works well on my cue tip would recommed to friends

  • Gator Grip

    Posted by Scott on Apr 22nd 2014

    If you have a kamui i'd recommend getting one

  • Good tip tool

    Posted by David on Feb 7th 2014

    I like the magnetic case and the look of it. Has worked well when it was needed.