Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool - Ebony Box

Kamui Gator Grip Tip Tool - Ebony Box

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The Kamui Gator Grip is a new tip tool by Kamui Tips designed to properly maintain the shape of your cue tip. The inner plate of this tool is made out stainless steel which will last up to 1000 times longer than any sand paper. This tool is easy to use just simply scuff the side of the tip until you reach the desired shape and unlike other scuffers this tool comes in a beautiful wood box with the Kamui Logo engraved on both sides. It is small enough to fit inside any pocket and it closes shut by way of magnets to prevent any other items inside from getting scratched. This tool comes in an Ebony wood color and is available also in Box wood.

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  • Excellent!!!

    Posted by Ahmad on Dec 8th 2016


  • Great shape tool

    Posted by RICKY on Jan 18th 2016

    This is a good tool to have for any kamui soft tips. Other tip tools will pull off the layers of the tip. This shape tool doesn't do that.

  • Awesome!

    Posted by Doc on Apr 22nd 2014

    works beautifully!

  • Unique Material Great for Buffering

    Posted by Justin on Apr 18th 2014

    This is a neat little tool that's excellent for buffering your tip or shaping it. The metal is extremely tough and will not wear out easily. I brought this tool with me to my APA league and everyone started borrowing mine, buffering their tip and commenting how great this tool is.

    It's a little pricy, but the Ebony wooden cover is extremely nice. You really get what you pay for. Some of the other sharpening tools are under $10, but generally won't last as long.

  • kamui gator grip tip tool

    Posted by shane on Jul 30th 2012

    great tip tool I think it works way better than any scuffer or tip pik

  • Perfect

    Posted by Colleen Bell on Jul 9th 2012

    High quality and well made.

  • Nice but I dont think its worth the 50 bucks.

    Posted by James on Jun 27th 2012

    If this were in the 20.00 range I would be happy. It is good but overpriced IMHO.

    Still nice tool and I like it. Id give it a 4.5 if the price was right.

  • Good Tool!

    Posted by Norman on Feb 29th 2012

    good tool but a little bit costly, for me.

  • Gator grip

    Posted by Bob Talley on Feb 20th 2012

    Works exactly as described