Kamui Chalk 1.21b - Blue 1pc

Kamui Chalk 1.21b - Blue 1pc

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1 Pack

The Kamui Chalk 1.21 consists of a harder compound to improve longevity while maintaining consistent playability. This chalk will reduce the compound transfer to the cue ball which results in a consistent shot routine through out the game. Kamui Chalk building confidence in players with top level performance. Each sold individually. This Kamui Chalk features:

  • More consistent playability
  • Hard compound
  • Improved longevity
  • Non abrasive to your tip
  • Coats tip evenly
  • Decreases miscuing
  • Stays on your tip longer
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  • Very good chalk

    Posted by Peter on Jun 18th 2017

    Good quality chalk, holds well, lasts long, gives great english and cue ball control !!!

  • Best Chalk

    Posted by Matthew on Nov 20th 2016

    Best chalk on the market. Would never go back to another chalk after playing with this.

  • First kamui chalk i ever had

    Posted by denise on May 11th 2016

    This chalk is awesome. Would love to purchase more of this. Fast shipping.

  • Wow!!!

    Posted by James on Mar 14th 2016

    This stuff is awesome!!! I am an old school player of 40+ years and am very leary of all the gimmicks out there to get my money. Kind of like bass-fishing. A million lures to catch the same fish but, I was really surprised about how good the Kamui chalk works. I'm used to Master chalk and after using this stuff, it made me realize something about a cue ball. Kamui does leave a chalk mark on the ball but, with it being much finer grain than Master, it doesn't scratch the ball near as much, which makes it easier to clean. The price is ridiculous but, it is very well worth it.

  • Kamui

    Posted by Dusty on Mar 1st 2016

    Excellent high quality chalk that is worth the price. This paste like chalk will increase cue control greatly over standard table chalk. Exceptional for regular play and consistency. This chalk will not grind down or glaze over cue tip. Kamui is the only chalk I use for my personal cue sticks. Recommend a chalk holder. Definitely don't want to lose this chalk.

  • Best chalk I've ever used

    Posted by RICKY on Jan 18th 2016

    This is the best chalk I've ever used and the only chalk I'll use from now on. It's expensive, but it pays for itself in the end. One cube lasted me 9 months.

  • Great Chalk

    Posted by Yuan on Oct 12th 2015

    Nice chalk never miscue

  • good

    Posted by william on Aug 27th 2015

    if it wasnt so pricey it would be 5 star...works great just priced to high

  • Best Chalk Available

    Posted by stephen on Aug 6th 2015

    Kamui Chalk is the best chalk available. To get the full benefit of Kamui Chalk, you need to start using it with a brand new tip. Next, go to You Tube and review how to to properly apply chalk to your tip. Chalk is not meant to be ground in a back and forth motion that is often in movies or on TV. The quality tip that you have, the better Kamui chalk works; however, it works well on every brand of tip that I've used it on and, over the years, I've used tips in every price range. Again, Kamui works best when properly applied to a new cue tip. You'll find a cube lasts much longer than any other brand of chalk on the market. You will get more spin on the cue ball; therefore, you need to know how to correctly use English. Finally, you'll see this isn't a dusty chalk. Kamui chalk is so finely ground that is feels more like velvet than a gritty chalk. Without question, it is worth the price. The 1.21 is slightly more finely ground than the .98, but both are high quality products.