Kamui Chalk 0.98b - Blue 1pc

Kamui Chalk 0.98b - Blue 1pc

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The Kamui Chalk 0.98 consists of much finer particles than standard chalk designed to maximize friction and offer a larger sweet spot to generate more spin to the cue ball. Reducing slippage decreases deflection, giving the player a more accurate aim when english is applied. Each sold individually. This Kamui Chalk features:

  • Extreme shooting performance
  • Increases friction on the cue ball
  • Maximizes sweet spot
  • Decreases miscuing
  • Adheres to the tip so chalk stays longer
  • Coats tip evenly
  • Non abrasive to your tip
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  • Kamui Chalk #1

    Posted by Walter on Aug 21st 2017

    Well I went out and paid for this chalk after looking at it here on the web site for 3 years. I must report a 1st class chalk. I played 2 1/2 games of 8ball before having to rechalk. No miscues at al. I still have my Blue Diamond in my case, but looks like it will be sitting there for a very long time lol. Ozone thanks once again for the fast delivery keep up the good one.

  • The Best Chalk Ever

    Posted by marcus on Jul 19th 2017

    Everyone should have this product

  • Best chalk

    Posted by Brandon on Apr 27th 2017

    This chalk is really fine and oily. You can get way better/more consistent foreword and backward spin. Chalk lasts over half a game. Sometimes 2 if you don't slam the ball/force spin a lot. Always chalk before shots that you plan on doing a lot of spin. (Not that you really need to with this chalk, but it will give you a more consistent outcome). This is the only chalk I will ever use on my shooting cue from now on. Just be aware that you will get a lot of unintentional spin if you aren't careful.

    My only complaint is that the color of the chalk is very light and almost shows up a bright white on a dark blue table.

  • Worth every penny

    Posted by Bill Tripp on Apr 25th 2017

    Play in 2 leagues, don't practice enough but only used Kamui for the past 8 years. Finally bought a new one ... best chalk

  • great product

    Posted by aaron little on Feb 27th 2017

    this is a must have if you play a lot of pool , you actually have to chalk your tip a lot less, Since I have been using this I have had no miss cues at all ! the grip you get on cue ball is amazing .making my game a lot better.......

  • The secret to Kamui 0.98 is how you apply it.

    Posted by Paul on Feb 14th 2017

    Yes, this product is not cheap. However, when I was using Master's chalk I used to miscue a lot more often. Now, I rarely miscue and if I do miscue it tends to be from a draw shot that was not smoothly hit vs. not enough chalk on the cue tip. When applying Master's chalk we tend to grind it onto the tip simply because the chalk is not as fine (and maybe because it is usually free). When applying Kamui chalk all that is needed is to tap or touch it on. You can see where the fresh chalk is applied because the fresh chalk color is slightly lighter. If your chalking hands or fingers are getting blue with chalk then you are pressing too hard and simply wasting chalk. Another sign is to simply look for powder coming off the chalk when you are chalking. You want very little powder coming of the chalk when you chalk. Kamui probably doesn't want you to know that a little goes a long way because they can sell more if you use more. But I shoot everyday and I can get one chalk to last at least 7 months. Simply peel the wrapper back one perforated strip at a time but not below the half way level. The center naturally will wear out first but you can still use the four corners instead of the center until most of the chalk is gone. So in the end, $30 for 6 months comes to $5 a month. If you are playing local tournaments, you should be able cover that cost easy in one tournament, in second place.

  • On-time

    Posted by Shannon on Feb 10th 2017

    Always quick and accurate!

  • Good chalk, but a bit expensive.

    Posted by Jon on Jan 13th 2017

    This chalk goes on really smoothly, but I didn't really notice that it grabbed the cue anymore than masters. It does stay on your tip longer, so if you don't chalk every shot, it will help you not miscue. So, if you tend to forget to chalk, it may be worth the extra money for you.

  • Excellent

    Posted by Charles on Dec 18th 2016

    its good