Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Soft

Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Soft

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The new Kamui Black tips are here! They're more durable and plays better than the other tips around the game. These are made of 10 layers of specially selected pig skin and have a a moisture proof tannin process giving the tip a black color and making it humidity resistant. This process does not interfere with the porosity of the tip and it adds more elasticity while protecting it from the environment. The Kamui Black tip will allow more spin on the cue ball without overexerting yourself and the same ability to grip onto the chalk which transfers to gripping the cue ball. Comes in 4 different grades: soft, super soft, medium, and hard. Available in 14mm size only. **THESE TIPS ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - PRICE IS FOR ONE TIP**

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  • Great Soft tip!

    Posted by David on Aug 3rd 2017

    Tip holds up well to a lot of use, no mushrooming holds shape pretty well

  • worth the price

    Posted by malik on Sep 17th 2015

    Nice with my lucasi hybrid. Exellent upgrade choice.

  • High quality

    Posted by Robert on Jan 10th 2015

    Very good tip, good ball control. However, I think you can get just as good as this much cheaper.

  • The best of the best!!!

    Posted by John on Jan 3rd 2015

    Since I began using the Kamui tip on my cue, I can feel the extra control I have, the ease of adding english to the ball, I will never use another tip that is not a Kamui!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • good

    Posted by He on Oct 5th 2014

    I buy M,S SS to find which one is better

  • A wonderful tip

    Posted by Be Strong on May 27th 2014

    Though I am some what of an amateur to pool, I have noticed an incredible difference between the Kamui Black soft tip and tips that I have previously played with. It gives you great cue ball control and feels effortless when striking the cue ball.

  • Great Tip with Increased English

    Posted by Justin on Apr 18th 2014

    I have read numerous reviews that said Kamui Black Soft is more akin to medium soft. After I installed the tip, my personal experience is that the tip is indeed a soft-medium. I noticed an increase in ability to use English with this tip since I previously had a medium tip which came with my predator 314-2. However, the difference isn't jaw dropping in my personal opinion.

    The tip does not lose its shape easily and will not mushroom. I might try the Kamui Black super-soft next to see whether it will be easier to draw the length of the table.

  • Same old Kamui

    Posted by Jack on Feb 20th 2014

    Big fan of the feel of the Kamui black soft. I intend to get a kamui clear soft for next time, but that's probably a year away at this point.

  • good tip for control

    Posted by Elias on Feb 19th 2014

    Been using kamui tips for a year or so, helps in controlling cue ball. Only problem is that tip seems to glaze over quickly requiring periodic scuffing.