Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Hard

Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Hard

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The new Kamui Black tips are here! They're more durable and plays better than the other tips around the game. These are made of 10 layers of specially selected pig skin and have a a moisture proof tannin process giving the tip a black color and making it humidity resistant. This process does not interfere with the porosity of the tip and it adds more elasticity while protecting it from the environment. The Kamui Black tip will allow more spin on the cue ball without overexerting yourself and the same ability to grip onto the chalk which transfers to gripping the cue ball. Comes in 4 different grades: soft, super soft, medium, and hard. Available in 14mm size only. **THESE TIPS ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - PRICE IS FOR ONE TIP**

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  • Solid and nice

    Posted by Evan on Jan 14th 2014

    haven't used it yet, but it's a very nice tip.

  • Using on Break Cue

    Posted by Dave on Jun 21st 2013

    I decided to use this tip on my break cue, only because the "real" break tips I've tried tended to make my less-than-perfect stroke even worse, resulting in too many miscues. The Kamui Black Hard doesn't deliver as hard of a hit, BUT, it does have significantly higher "traction" on the cue balls, and has decreased my miscues to maybe 25% of what they used to be. It still breaks well overall, and for me provides the best combination of performance, as well as minimizing my own imperfections with the break. I've used the Kamui Medium on all my playing cues, and feel they are the best of all the tips I've tried.

  • Powerful shot

    Posted by Minh on Dec 24th 2011

    This hard kamui is pretty good. you can do a long follow shot with less effort. Draw back power is normal, not as good as the one you can see on youtube. However, after you've played with this tip for a long time, it will get worse. As the tip is getting hard, you cannot see the layers. That's the point where you're sometimes miscuing. If you try to do extreme english, which you could do when the tip is new, you will miscue the ball. That's also the point where you will have to keep chalking the tip.

  • having a great time with Kamul black

    Posted by edward simonson on Sep 12th 2011

    After installing tip took my stick to local pool hall and proceeded to run games with more control and power than ever. highly recomend this tip.

  • Smooth

    Posted by Bob Kicklighter on Aug 2nd 2011

    First time trying this tip, love it

  • Kamui Black laminated hard leather tip

    Posted by Bobby Johnston on Apr 28th 2011

    I put the tip on my Ray Schuler cue. With the stiff shaft on the Schuler along with the hard Kamui tip i can make the cue ball draw and follow with amazing results. One must chalk the tip with good chalk often. If you have some of the old style Master or new Blue Diamond you will have on problems. Good luck, Bob Johnston ,Wheaton,Il.

  • NEW Kamui Black Laminated 10 Layer Pig Skin Tip

    Posted by Eugene on Jan 31st 2011

    This new 14mm Kamui Black Hard 10 Layer Pig Skin tip is the new generation pool cue tip. It's moisture proof & humidity resistant, and the porosity is not compromised and actually adds more elasticity. The Kamui tip allows more spin on the cue ball, and better grip onto the chalk. I tried the Lucasi LE18 with the Kamui tip and the cue ball handling is fantastic. I chose the hard tip to minimize mushrooming, but it doesn't seem to affect the shooter applying spin to the cue ball excessively.