Joss Cues - JOS69

Joss Cues - JOS69

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Joss Cues is a true American family brand. Started in 1968, Joss Cues has always been considered one of the top cue brands in the industry. Joss pool cues provide traditional looks with old-time cue-making values. Each Joss pool stick is marked with a unique serial number on the joint to increase value and create distinctive character. This Joss Cues features:

  • Figured Maple with Six Points, Three with Black Ash Centers Outlined in Black and Three Alternating Points in Solid Black
  • 13mm 29" Hard Rock Maple Shaft with 9-10" Pro Taper
  • Triangle Tip
  • 5/16 x 14 Stainless Steel Joint
  • Black/White Irish Linen Wrap
  • Black Composite Collar
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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  • Joss069 - Worth every penny

    Posted by Vinny L on Feb 10th 2014

    Great stick! Upgraded from my old stick which I had for 10 years and it has made a big difference. It is well balanced, no back lash when slamming the ball and a beautiful stick. I recommend a 21 oz stick for more control and a upgrade tip change.
    The stick was also delivered in 3 days. Great service.


    Posted by Mark on Sep 29th 2013

    This cue is Joss thru and thru. For the price people think that its a cheap Joss so its a cheap hitting cue, but once they had played a few racks I would get the offer of trading or to sell. This may not be the flashier end of Joss but its right where Joss is famous for, the feel knowing your playing with a Joss cue. If your a ball hitter just banging balls around get a house stick, but if your a position player and your not into the flashy cues joss offer, know this this is a high end Joss without the bling thus for the middle range price. I wouldn't dare buy another cue.

  • Better than I Thought

    Posted by Tucker on Dec 29th 2011

    Cue is imaculate everything that i want and then some. Had the tip change to morri medium which made this cue fantastic. This is my first purchase here and will be coming back in the future!!!

  • Best looking Joss for the price and it's perfectly balanced

    Posted by RICHIE RICH on May 22nd 2011

    I own two other Joss cues and a half dozen other cues made by other manufactures. The balance is great and the shaft has much better feel and control than both my McDermott G-Core shafts. The price is very fair for the detail and inlays in this Joss Cue. I am going to buy one for my father 4 fathers day. He says it's a much more superior cue than his McDermott.

  • Great Stick with Custom Roots

    Posted by joel seavey on Mar 8th 2011

    first i really like joss the company, they are getting big but they manage to still keep the feel of owning a custom cue, or as close as you can get. They started out custom, and still do things basicly the same way, with the serial number on each cue puts that added personal custom touch to it. I had bought this cue off a apa buddy with a combo 2 shafts, the playing joss shaft, and a custom made phenolic tip break shaft, I have an ikon2 which i love and play with, so this became my break stick. its a very strong stick, altough it does have some buzz in the back end without the pin in it. It can put some serious action even when you dont need it. It supprised me due to it being 13mm. Over all a great cue for the price, a custom shaft would be reccomended, but many sub-pro players i play with in the apa swear by thier joss they have had forever and its thier only cue. Lots of passon for these cues when you own one, I ended up selling this because my friend started playing pool he needed a first cue, and on top of it i had just bought the ngo5 mcdermott stinger jump break cue, which is incredible just to fat.
    my 2cents
    joel cv