Jolly Cue Ferrule Sander

Jolly Cue Ferrule Sander

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The Jolly Cue Ferrule Sander is a device that accurately flattens down the top of the ferrule and the bottom of the tip needed for gluing a new tip on your pool cue. This 2 in 1 tip tool will give you a perfect level on each end with a little bit of a rough texture to assure proper installation. This Jolly Cue Ferrule Sander tool features:

  • Easy Tool to use for replacing tips right on the spot
  • Capable of flattening down up 8 tips at one time 2 for each diameter ranging from 11 to 14mm
  • For flattening down ferrules it features an adjustable knob to fit an 11, 12, 13 or a 14mm shaft
  • Includes a carrying bag, 1 extra disk sander and instructions
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    Posted by Don Ashbaugh on Jan 6th 2017

    Works very well to putting tips one cue tips.

  • Longooni Jolly Cue is a great product

    Posted by Chris on May 19th 2014

    I use the Jolly Cue when ever I need to do a tip replacement. This is a great product, the only thing you need to be careful so you don't put any scratches on your shaft. After you use it a couple times you will never have to pay anyone to re-tip your shafts. In the long run it's going to pay for itself in saving you the money it cost to have your shafts re-tipped. I think it's a great product

  • It's ok.

    Posted by Randy on Mar 4th 2014

    Too Expensive but it dose work .

  • Jolly Cue Ferrule Sander

    Posted by Clark on Feb 3rd 2014

    Works good with replacing cue tips.

  • jolly cue sander

    Posted by Herb on Feb 2nd 2012

    Sands and flattens fast , it leaves deep sanding grooves on ferrule. Should have a finer grit paper.

  • jolly cue ferrule sander

    Posted by joselito on Sep 19th 2011

    very effective

  • jolly cue sander best so far...

    Posted by jason on Aug 26th 2011

    I have previously been using the tweeter tip kit, and got my Jolly Cue tool and wouldnt use anything else, as close to using a lathe that u can get, and the part that holds the tips with specific sized holder is much needed also.....

  • jolly ferrule sander

    Posted by rickey abdullah on Aug 14th 2011

    jolly sander works very well I put tips on for extra money . this tool takes a lot of work off you dont over tighten tool to shaft easy to ding shaft take it slow when sanding ferrule as sanding disc is very aggressive it sands ferrule and tip level worth the money