Joe Tucker Racking Secrets DVD Set

Joe Tucker Racking Secrets DVD Set

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Joe Tucker introduced the art of reading racks in 1999 with his highly recommended and out of print book "Racking Secrets". Now Joe comes to you via DVD and clearly explains and then demonstrates how this powerful knowledge. He starts off with 9 Ball and shows you how we all had it backwards. He shows why and how the wing balls do and don't go. Shows you how to adjust your cue ball speed and placement according to how the balls are racked. He shows you how to make more and give up less 9 Balls on the break!!! Honestly & Legally! The 2 DVD's are almost 3hrs long and they also cover: - 8 Ball - 10 Ball (The game of the future) - 14.1 (a very specific approach to aiming and predicting 14.1 break shots) - 15 Ball Rotation (How racking in order can help you play the ghost in 15 Ball Rotation) - And ends with a typical 1 Pocket Break where he admittedly gets lucky to make a ball. Not only will you become proficient in the art of Rack Reading but Joe gives some pretty good aiming advice in the straight pool section.

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  • Another way to help your game

    Posted by David on Jul 18th 2017

    lots of tips and things to look for.

  • great dvd

    Posted by Erik on Dec 29th 2015

    just what i needed, now making balls every time on the snap

  • good info

    Posted by larry on Mar 22nd 2014

    good info, any edge can help

  • Great investment

    Posted by Jason on Nov 21st 2011

    This video is very informative and the way Joe Tucker shares the information in detail makes it pretty easy to follow and take with you to the tables. I just got the DVD's 4 days ago. I watched the 9ball format about 5 times before going to the tables to work on my break. In practice the first night studying the racks I broke I was about 55% accurate in predicting my break. I shot my first match last night in league using the info from JT and I was able to drop at least 1 ball on 4 of my 6 breaks and on one of them I was able to predict a 9 on the break. That felt awesome. Thank you Ozone and a special thanks to Joe Tucker. Only suggestion I'd make for the video to be better is a top view (overhead) of the balls when Joe is talking about small and big spaces within the rack which help determine where to break from. Thanks to Ozone and JT.

  • How to read the rack

    Posted by Steve Scheff on Oct 21st 2011

    This is definitely a tough concept to put into practice. The information is certainly great but it really takes a keen eye to see what Joe sees. This is really for the serious player and not for a casual participant. I'm not exactly sure how many hours it takes to get some of this down but working on it. If you're a 9-ball player then it's something to take a look at. I'm not so sure how much a straight pool player will get out of it.

  • Great info- Unbelieveably bad audio

    Posted by John Trelease on Sep 30th 2011

    Good information. Been playing over 40 years and never knew this! Unfortunately, the audio was SO BAD I had to keep replaying the DVD to understand Joe's verbal instruction. I recommend Joe's insert in Charley Bond's book "The Great Break Shot".

  • Loved the video and information - hated the damaged areas on disc - twice!

    Posted by Dave on Aug 17th 2011

    I loved the information that Joe presented on the video -- at least the parts that I could view. I called about a bad disc the first time and was promptly sent out another dvd set... the problem is - that one was also damaged. I did not call again. The company was very good about fixing it the first time, but I got tired of tracking this.

  • joe tucker racking secrets dvd set

    Posted by ron mckendry on May 13th 2011

    excellent made dvd would have been better with an attractive model

  • Awesome DVD

    Posted by leland on Apr 8th 2011

    Wow. Just wow. I'll never look at a rack the same way again. I watched the 9-ball section with amazement, then went and practiced what I learned. I made a ball on the break over 80% of the time. Sheer brilliance. Since I learned what this DVD has taught me, I haven't asked for a single re-rack. I take my time reading the rack, and my opponent always asks if it's good. I just tell them I'm looking for something to exploit, then watch them really take their time racking the next game (because I just made 2 off the break and ran out). I highly recommend this DVD, it's almost like cheating.