Joe Tucker Guaranteed Improvement Drillbook & DVD

Joe Tucker Guaranteed Improvement Drillbook & DVD

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This book contains 10 effective drills all based on 100 point scoring system that helps keep practice competitive and the player motivated as he or she watches their score and skills constantly increase. The book is easy to carry and the comb binding allows it to lay flat on the table while you train. Pro Player and Room owner Jose Garcia loves to keep these books in stock for his regular students and customers. Whether you're a pro instructor or beginning player, this book is for you. Now comes with Brand New DVD Joe now demonstrates all the shots and drills for you in what turns out to be one of the best instructional videos you've ever seen. It's almost 2hrs long and full of very useful information!

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  • Joe Tucker Guaranteed Improvement

    Posted by R on Feb 9th 2018

    Great video! I highly recommend it.

  • Great Product

    Posted by Dan on Nov 7th 2015

    Video and drills helped me out alot.

  • Great training

    Posted by Ken on Apr 16th 2014

    Joe Tucker really knows his stuff yes the drills are very challenging so I am taking them one at a time
    Just the first drill of straight shots is worth the price I paid. It alone has improved my game

  • Simply the best

    Posted by Ko on Mar 8th 2014

    The drill seems very basic and simple. Yet, once you actually take up on it, you'll find it is not as easy as it seems. The point system and the DVD he provide will encourage you to stick with this lesson that will bring you up to the next level. The book and DVD don't look much but it is simply the best pool instructional program I've ever seen.

  • do it

    Posted by henry on Feb 18th 2014

    all I can say is do it it has helped me very much

  • Good for the really competitive poolplayer

    Posted by James on Jan 18th 2014

    If you really want to improve your game, get this drillbook and dvd and do what it says. For me personally, though, I enjoy the game very much, but doing these drills as instructed takes patience, dedication, and diligence that I have a hard time sustaining. I'm sure they'll pay off for anyone who can stick with them, but I just don't want to work that hard on a game I play to have fun.

    That said, I have adopted a couple of the drills into my warmup routine, albeit in abbreviated form, and I believe them to be valuable. I'm optimistic that I may end up adopting even more as time goes on, but if I'm not having fun doing them, they won't be in my repertoire very long.

  • Joe Tucker Drillbook

    Posted by Donald on Jun 8th 2013

    Still using it and have'nt evaluated it completely. It ia very useful for drills, but maybe above my level right now.

  • Joe Tucker

    Posted by Steve on Jan 8th 2013

    Good Instructional Drills and the DVD is a definite help. Would recommend to a player starting out looking for basic drills to improve their stroke.

  • Tough drills, but helps improve the game!

    Posted by Brad on Jan 8th 2013

    These 10 drills are not as easy to perform as they initially look! Makes you rethink the state of your game! What I thought looked pretty easy, turns out to be pretty humbling once you start actually doing the drills. Hmmmm, maybe I'm not shooting as accurately as I thought! : ) By sticking to practicing these drills (the book and video are a real nice combination to understand exactly how to perform them) I've definitely noticed an improvement in my in-game shooting skills. The scoring system that Tucker uses makes it actually FUN to practice the routine shots, as well as keep track of your improvement....and the positive feedback of improving scores makes you want to practice more. I've always been of the mind "why bother with practice....let's just play the game!" My game suffered as a result.....This product has cured me of that and now I actually enjoy practicing the particular shots that ALWAYS come up in a game......the drills ain't easy, but they're fun, keep your interest and will improve your game. Highly recommended.......Ozone has best price too! : )