Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

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This workout is based on Joe Tuckers patented method of Aiming By the Numbers and may be the toughest pool workout you ever come across. It will not only challenge the average player but World Class players will have a tough time sticking this one out. Joe believes that we need to train more like Olympic style athletes and this workout is a step in that direction. It calls for the player to pocket 185 tough shots while, get this, recording your misses! Joe has picked some of pools most missable shots and shows you how to make a connection with them in order to help you become a more consistent and confident player. Not for the faint of heart!

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  • as it says

    Posted by robert sekelsky on Feb 14th 2012

    makes sense a little advanced for me at this time but I think it will be very useful in the near future

  • Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

    Posted by Craig on Jan 22nd 2012

    Good practice video.

  • Great Dvd

    Posted by mike on Jan 20th 2012

    lots of usefull drills in this dvd. you don't get bored with them as with other instructional dvds.

  • Another aiming method

    Posted by Steve Scheff on Oct 21st 2011

    I had talked with someone about this aiming method before but had never tried it. In order to really make it work you need to buy the special pool balls that are mentioned. While you can do it without them it really makes it much easier. Like any type of aiming method it simply takes a lot of time and practice or rather a lot of practice. What is shown in both the book and DVD is good but not an overnight fix. However it is one that can get you out of some tight spots.

  • This training aid is mthe best.

    Posted by Tony Barboza on Mar 5th 2011

    I have known Joe for along time and this time he has hit the nail on the head. If you love pool, shame on you if you don't get this aiming trainer.

  • The best

    Posted by Carlos on Feb 11th 2011

    This is without a doubt the best training material I have used. I wish I had the time to do more of it, very comprehensive, I could see improvements right away.