Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

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This workout is based on Joe Tuckers patented method of Aiming By the Numbers and may be the toughest pool workout you ever come across. It will not only challenge the average player but World Class players will have a tough time sticking this one out. Joe believes that we need to train more like Olympic style athletes and this workout is a step in that direction. It calls for the player to pocket 185 tough shots while, get this, recording your misses! Joe has picked some of pools most missable shots and shows you how to make a connection with them in order to help you become a more consistent and confident player. Not for the faint of heart!

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  • Joe Tucker Aiming Workout Book & DVD

    Posted by John on Apr 30th 2020

    Love the book and the 2 DVDS very good for understanding aiming glad I bought it.

  • joe tucker aiming

    Posted by thomas on Nov 14th 2017

    a little harder for me to understand.....returned

  • Nice Drill

    Posted by Lu on Jan 31st 2016

    Comes with a spiral bounded booklet and two DVDs; the budget production for this item is pretty low. The product quality is mediocre.

    With that said, the content is rich. There are good drills for intermediate players to practice with. I can assure you this is something that you'll have to work on consistently before you start seeing results.

    I would recommend this product for intermediate players who are willing to practice these drills with dedication. Not something I would recommend for beginners.

  • great buy

    Posted by joselito on Jan 22nd 2016

    excellent video

  • great dvd

    Posted by Lucky on Dec 29th 2015

    just what i needed

  • Love It

    Posted by Sam Akey on Sep 22nd 2012

    Great Product

  • Great aiming tool

    Posted by Mark on Sep 2nd 2012

    Never doubt where to aim in the future.

  • great workout book

    Posted by tim on Jun 18th 2012

    this book will improve your aiming skills tremendously

  • Aiming Solutions Found Here

    Posted by Brophog on Mar 28th 2012

    This is one part of two pieces to Joe Tucker's Aiming by the Numbers System. It is available as seen here in a Workbook + DVD or as a set of Aramith Numbered Balls + Booklet. The one negative I have on this system is that, ideally, both packages should be together. To get the most out of this the quickest it is best to have everything. However, accommodations are made in each package to get around that.

    The idea behind the system is to create reference shots by numbering both the object ball and cue ball. The beauty of the system is that it trains yourself not to follow a rigid system, but by giving you the answers to your most missed shots you can finally change your perception of those shots and begin to naturally aim. When you're done you'll not only know where to hit the ball but you'll finally know why it is you've always been hitting that backcut too full.

    I can't recommend this enough, whether you get the Workbook combo or the set of Aramith balls.