J. Pechauer Jump Cues

J. Pechauer Jump Cues

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The New J. Pechauer Jump Cue has every player jumping for joy. No matter what your skill level is, this jump cue has even beginners jumping on their 3rd try. No more safeties; this cue will get you out of those tight spots on the table successfully, and even help you win games by making incredible jump shots. Experience the quality and consistency behind this J. Pechaeur Jump Cue, a must for your pool game arsenal. Jumping balls has never been this easy. This Jump Cue Features:

  • Birdseye Maple
  • 13mm 29" Birdseye Maple Shaft with Stiffer Taper
  • Phenolic Tip and Ferrule
  • J. Pechauer Joint
  • No Wrap
  • Black Phenolic Collar
  • Lifetime Warranty Including Warping
  • Weighs 9 ounces
  • 41" Cue Length
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  • Jump Cue

    Posted by Mark on Apr 21st 2021

    Best I've come across. Easy to jump with

  • Quality

    Posted by Mark on Apr 15th 2021

    This is an awesome Jump Cue. I have others,but this one is the easiest I've found.

  • Pechauer jump cue

    Posted by Todd on May 9th 2019

    Arrived promptly and in perfect shape. First time using this cue and I was jumping full ball from four inches away Great cue. Would definitely recommend to beginners and pros.

  • Wow and Wow

    Posted by Corey Levy on Mar 8th 2019

    I'm an amateur player and previously when I wanted to jump a ball I did the classic "illegal" scoop under the ball shot that was really hit or miss (mostly miss). I received this jumper and had no idea how to use it. I watched a few you tube videos and then within 30 minutes could consistently jump the object ball. After just 2 days I can use this in games and have had frequent great success at very difficult shots. I find it easier to go long distance than to jump short high arch shots. My 14 year son has also taken to the cue and we are having a "ball" playing together. One thing is that I have a burgundy felt cover on my table and now it has a ton of white burn marks all over the place. I think because of jumping my table cloth will need to be replaced much much sooner. That said, there are no holes, we are not hitting the cover with the cue itself. The ball is just impacting the cloth really hard and compressing it which is wearing it much faster than normal play. But the fun is still worth it. I love this cue....

  • Love it

    Posted by Jesse on Mar 11th 2015

    Makes jumping easy.

  • Pechauer Jump Cue to buy or not to buy

    Posted by Mark on Feb 14th 2014

    Good cue. The joint is solid, and the stick is well designed. They are heavy as far as jump cues go, but the weight is in the front of the stick. I used to have a Lucasi Hy-bred. I was always told the lighter the jump stick the better. However, you had to put so much into a shot to get the ball to jump that you lost accuracy. I barely have to hit with the Pechauer, and the ball pops off the table. Good product.

  • easy as pie

    Posted by Todd Anteau on Sep 11th 2013

    I have used jump cues for a whlie now, but I can easily put spin on the cue ball with accuracy. Most jump shots only require a 45 degree angle with normal stroke mechanics. I jumped two balls 3 feet apart and popped my ball right in the corner with the same mechanics. Used correctly this cue will increase wins by at least %20. Im not a fan of break/jump combos, so I would definately make buying this cue a priority.

  • Everyone should have one

    Posted by Johnny on Jan 19th 2013

    Very well designed dedicated jump cue. Performs as advertised, and made of nice quality wood to boot. Phenolic tip does not seem to like Master's chalk - I had better luck with it holding chalk when using Blue Diamond or Kamui's chalk. It seems that the tip likes thicker chalks.

  • Control

    Posted by Jesse on Dec 23rd 2012

    Great jump cue. Doesn't jump easier than all others but has great control. Very little spin left or right after the cue returns to the table.