How To Play Pool Right - Book

How To Play Pool Right - Book

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The How To Play Pool Right Book is a comprehensive instructional aid that covers all the basics of pocket billiards. Cue grip, stance, stroke, and applying English are just a few of the fundamentals explained to help improve your game. The booklet also contains a quick insight into the games of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. This How to Play Right Book features:

  • Written by George Fels
  • Explains the basic rules and concept of an 8 and 9 ball game
  • 14 Pages long with 25 illustrations
  • Published by the Billiard Congress of America
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  • Good book about basic rules easy to understand

    Posted by Dan Reese on Sep 1st 2019

    Easy to read book

  • Quick and easy reference.

    Posted by John on Jun 25th 2015

    A lot of excellent information packed into a tiny package. Quickly read and pick up a ton of good information.

  • Great book

    Posted by Peter on Apr 16th 2015

    Excellent explanation of how to properly play pool.

  • Good companion

    Posted by Jim on Mar 31st 2014

    A good basic companion to the DVD and it's only a buck.

  • Too little everything

    Posted by Bobby W on Jan 28th 2014

    Very simplified pamphlet. Not a book at all, more like a leaflet. Not mad about it, but it is a very basic pamphlet with very basic information. I recommend YouTube

  • Great Book

    Posted by Judith on May 15th 2013

    Very good information for the beginner. Very good tips on stance, bridges, grip and hitting the ball. A great quick overview of the basics. Cover photo is awesome!

  • Good Book

    Posted by Jason on Feb 5th 2013

    This book has given me the basics of how to control my cue ball during storkes. I have gained a bit more knowledge from this book.

  • Must read for new players

    Posted by Steve on Dec 4th 2012

    Short,easy to read,pictures, helpful tips and hints and shows good drills to practice.

  • How To Play Pool Right - Book

    Posted by Weed on Oct 4th 2012

    Very helpful to newbies. Placed as free copies in pool hall.