EZ Jumper - Jump Shot Tool

EZ Jumper - Jump Shot Tool

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The EZ Jumper is a brand new tool made to assist you with jump shots, this is a hand held bridge that provides support on the cue while attempting a difficult jump shot or masse. It also allows you to reach those balls in the center of the table to create an accurate jump shot. Included with the EZ Jumper is a practice jump shot cloth disk to protect the table while practicing. This product will help you expand your jump shot options and elevate your game to a new level. Currently being used by players in tournaments and in leagues.

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  • Works great

    Posted by Vince on Mar 9th 2014

    It really made practicing a jump shot easy and without the felt im sure I would have put holes in my new felt

  • Great Practice Tool

    Posted by Steve on Jan 31st 2014

    Mostly, I prefer not to utilize a jump shot. But, if I've no choice, I'm glad I have this tool to allow me an effective means to practice. Just because I don't like jump shots doesn't mean I won't practice to be certain that part of my game is solid.

  • Great for protecting your felt and slate

    Posted by Will on Jan 9th 2014

    This is a great learning tool for those who need to learn to jump. It is kind of a crutch, but it is a useful crutch. Instead of needing to learn to bridge and hit at the same time, this tool allows you to focus better on your hits when you are learning. Eventually when you have the hits down, you will want to lose the tool and start working on your bridge hand. The felt protector is very nice. Be sure to use it with every shot while you are learning to jump. When playing on my home table, the designated referee will place the protector under the cue ball whenever a player declares his intention to shoot a jump shot.

  • awesome

    Posted by Albert Canales on Jan 3rd 2014

    easy to use

  • Looks impressive!

    Posted by Edward on Mar 31st 2013

    Still trying it out haven't used it in tournament play yet.
    Still working on aiming.

  • Cool tool to help jump

    Posted by Shawn on Mar 2nd 2013

    When I bought this I had thought it was a training tool to help learn how to jump and the angle to hit the cue. There are very little directions with this tool and is kind of rough, not as smooth and polished as I thought it would be. Still kind of cool, not sure if you can use it in league play but it's interesting to mess around with

  • Great Training Tool!

    Posted by Ashley on Dec 28th 2012

    This jumping tool is great - I actually bought this for myself for Christmas. The spots training guide/decal not only helps you place the Q-ball in the correct spot...but it actually helps protect your felt from ripping and scuffing as you practice jumping. My husband can jump pretty acurately but even he was impressed with this little tool!

  • Better than a tall hand bridge

    Posted by Dan on Dec 10th 2012

    Works well, but has a somewhat rough edge where the cue sits. I recommend sanding with a fine paper. Still, much better than using your hand in a raised awkward position.

  • Great Tool for Learning how to "Jump" and not {scoop} the ball.

    Posted by Mario on Sep 7th 2012

    I have tried to learn how to Jump without much consistancy, but with this EZ Jumper tool it only takes alittle practice with it and in no time; your jumping balls like a Pro. I really enjoy using the EZ Jumper during tournements and love seeing the expressions of people's faces when I Jump the ball and make the shot with percision.