Extreme Cue Holder 4 Blue

Extreme Cue Holder 4 Blue

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4 Cues

The Extreme Cue Holder will hold your cues and keep them safe from sliding off the edge of the table. No more leaning your cue on the wall or against a table, just simply place the holder on the top edge of a table with the grooves facing out then place your cue inside the grooves. This is a compact plastic self-weighted cue holder made to rest on any table or surface. Besides holding your cues it features a handy quarter slot to keep change around for those coin-op tables. This device will protect your cues against falling due to table bumping, while leaving them easy to grab when your turn is up. They are portable and small enough to fit in the pocket of most cue cases. This Extreme Cue Holder also features:

  • Holds 4 Cues
  • Holds up to $5.00 in quarters
  • Made out of hard plastic material
  • Self-weighted for firm hold
  • Bottom grip pattern, won't slip on resting surface
  • Measures: 3.5" L x 6" W
  • Available colors black, blue, green and purple
  • Avaialble also in 2 and 3 cue holders
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  • I used it last night in league play. It worked good. liked the color and one thing I didn't like was the quarter holder is not hte right sixe. but then I don't use it so no big broblem. Ozone Billiards is a great company they have treated me very wel

    Posted by Tom Cramer on Oct 14th 2017

    would recommend it to others

  • great holder

    Posted by Austin on Apr 27th 2016

    I really like this cue holder. It is extremely heavy duty and durable. The holder does not slide around and is very sturdy.

  • Extreme Cue Holder

    Posted by Charles on Jul 31st 2015

    Love it , Holds Cues securely , Doesn't slip ,

  • Works great.

    Posted by brentinps on Feb 11th 2014

    I was getting nicks in my cue using my old plastic porper 6 cue holder with a clamp. I have not tried or even seen any other cue holder than this one that I bought but it works great, and has a slot for quarters.

    It has a lip along with weight that assists it in holding cues on a table edge. The underside has a slight grip design.... they could have improved this, but I have not had any issues with this product not working, and I use it for league play.