Economy Snooker Billiard Balls

Economy Snooker Billiard Balls

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This Economy Snooker Billiard Balls set is made with good quality and excellent to play a game of snooker.  This Snooker Ball Set features:

  • 2 1/8" Regulation Size
  • Set Includes - 15 Red Balls, 1 White, 1 Pink, 1 Brown, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Yellow and 1 Black scoring balls 
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  • Very good quality budget balls

    Posted by Shashi on Oct 6th 2015

    I'm an on-again, off-again pool player. I have a 9 ft Brunswick table at home and enjoy 8 ball, 9 ball, one pocket, straight pool etc. I am a student of the game and enjoy playing. I've read books, viewed videos and played thousands of games.
    However, I'm perhaps an advanced beginner to intermediate player. I have never competed but seek pleasure rather than the thrill of competition.
    So that's the kind of player writing this review.
    So I wanted to check out snooker and ordered these balls a few months back to play on a pool table at home. They are excellent, with consistent play. They are snooker sized, not pool sized. The balls are significantly smaller than pool balls. But they handle well, roll smoothly, spin consistently and are well made in general and should satisfy anyone up to intermediate level and beyond.
    Definitely a good buy.

  • Economy Snooker Brilliard Balls

    Posted by Michael T Johnson on Apr 18th 2015

    These ball do not need to be number The traditional snooker ball did not require any number much like your othwer billiard balls on today market the colors are very cool.My Snooker arive on 4/16/2016
    From Michael T Johnson of Charlottesville Va 22903 4/17/2015

  • pretty good product for the money

    Posted by JAWs on Sep 17th 2014

    I wish the color balls were numbered, but no big deal.

  • good quality for the price

    Posted by Tony on Mar 25th 2013

    the online catalog provides a wide range of products. Ordering was easy and the service was prompt; the set was delivered in a couple of days.

  • Its worth the money.

    Posted by earl on Dec 5th 2012

    Bought it as an addtion to the game room to give some variety in play. Quality is good and price is reasonable. Shipment was fast and safe. Would reccommend this set and the company selling it.

  • Learn to play.

    Posted by Ben on Jan 30th 2012

    If you have decided to play snooker this set is a best buy to get started. The quality is there.

  • Great Item

    Posted by Briam on Feb 25th 2011

    Came in excellent condition...exactly what I wanted

  • Exactly what I wanted!

    Posted by Chuck on Jan 14th 2011

    Nice set.

  • great item

    Posted by charles scott on Dec 30th 2010

    having fun good product