Disc Scuffer

Disc Scuffer

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The Disc Scuffer Tool will scuff your pool cue tip to maintain its radius to keep the consistency in your shooting. This Tip Tool features:

  • Made out metal with metal grits on one side
  • Scuffs the tip to maintain the perfect round shape and helps hold chalk longer
  • Measures 1 3/4" in diameter
  • Key Chain hole
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  • Disc Scuffer

    Posted by george domenici on Apr 14th 2022

    Does a great job

  • Nifty Little Tool

    Posted by Justin on Apr 18th 2014

    Nifty Little tool to shape your tip at an angle to get the desired radius. I tend to shape my tip rounder than the dime diameter so that I can put more English on the ball. With this tool, I can create almost a shape I want without scratching the ferule.

    This is a must have to carry around with you in your cue case and have it ready when you need it. At this lower price, get a couple so you don't have to reorder when you lose one of them.

  • very good

    Posted by victol127 on Mar 14th 2011

    very good but not what I needed

  • Suffer

    Posted by Rebecca on Jun 30th 2010

    I like the way it shapes and cleans the tip.