Cuetec Shaft Cynergy 12.5mm 3/8 x 10 Joint

Cuetec Shaft Cynergy 12.5mm 3/8 x 10 Joint

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3/8 x 10 Joint

The Cuetec Shaft CT-15K Super Slim Carbon Composite 3/8 x 10 Joint is engineered for world class performance. Designed and developed with the input and feedback of 5 Time 9 Ball US Open Champion Shane Van Boening. Constructed with unique pattern of spun carbon fiber and reinforced by a polyfoam core, the CT-15K utilizes an elongated straight taper and ultra thin white sighting ferrule to create a shaft that is beyond revolutionary. The CT-15K is the most accurate and consistent performing shaft Cuetec's engineers have ever tested. This Cuetec Shaft CT-15K features:

  • 15K Carbon Fiber Construction with Multi-directional Carbon Fiber Filaments, Polyurethane Foam Core and Flyweight Front-End Construction
  • Tip: Tiger Sniper Soft/Medium Hardness
  • Joint Pin: 3/8 x 10
  • Joint Diameter: 21.3 mm/.840
  • Ferrule: Thin White Sighting Ferrule 1/4" White ABS – easy for tip replacement and aiming
  • Taper: 15.5” Pro – Cuetec’s S.S.T. (Super Slim Taper)
  • Tip Diameter: 12.5mm
  • Shaft Length: 29"
  • Clean with diluted alcohol wipe
  • Includes Joint Potector
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    Posted by steven waterman on Mar 12th 2021

    I now have about 25 hours of playing time with this shaft on my Mcdermott D-8 cue. I'm no pro (APA-5), but I love the feel and confidence gained with this great shaft. I'm just diving into using side spin and thought why not learn on a low deflection shaft that I will own forever. No worries that the shaft will ever warp or dent is a big deal. I still miss easy shots now and again but I'm getting better. I know any limitations are me and not my equipment. The sniper tip holds chalk very well and seems to do what I want. I know a bad tip when I use one but don't really have the experience to realize the nuances of the quality tips on the market. I may learn to really love it or will switch to a softer tip, for now I'm staying open minded.

  • Cynergy 15

    Posted by vernon rogers on Jul 13th 2019

    Fast delivery, Took very little to get used to the shaft, love the pro taper. I still stink but not as bad.