Cuetec R360 Shaft

Cuetec R360 Shaft

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Cuetec Joint

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The Cuetec R360 Shaft is setting the new standard for shaft making technology. It is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cuts of "A Plus" grade Canadian maple sections which ensures maximum radial consistency for accurate cue ball response and control. The composite core inside the shaft helps control deflection, squirt, distortion and prevents warpage. Cuetec R360 shafts use the latest technology in ferrule construction, Air Cushion Ferrule (patent pending). The ACF ferrule is made of ABS material and is designed to provide a cushioning effect. This results in optimum cue ball/cue tip contact time resulting in less vibration and deflection while maximizing cue ball control and accuracy. This shaft also includes an Everest Laminated Tip which is individually tested for consistency, hardness and quality and has a special red layer mark that warns you when to replace the tip. This 360 shaft also features:

  • 12.75mm 29" Canadian Maple Shaft
  • Standard Cuetec Joint
  • Tiger Everest Tip
  • 15.5" Pro Taper
  • Polycarbonate Ferrule
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  • Cuetec r360

    Posted by Mike on Jun 15th 2017

    Over all good buy . Fast service . Small dent in shaft from shipping . I was able to repair myself .

  • r360

    Posted by Tod on Aug 26th 2014

    My personal experience with this LD shaft has led me to decide to not buy anymore of them. I could not tell a difference in the hit between this shaft and a regular solid maple JOSS shaft. The hit is good, solid, with the r360.

    The r360 is way better than the standard SST Cuetec shaft. If you love Cuetec, then this is a good upgrade.

    Also, I would imagine that its the composite manmade core, but this shaft feels light to me, which causes the cue to feel unbalanced.

  • Cuetec R360

    Posted by Douglas on Sep 9th 2013

    good shaft, low deflection

  • Precise

    Posted by Colin on Feb 25th 2013

    I don't know if it's this shaft, or is it just me, but I shoot like a God with it. I never have to worry about missing those long shots anymore, I just aim, fire, and finnish.

  • Lovethis shaft

    Posted by Rick on Feb 16th 2013

    Ran the table first time I used it. Great control.

  • Cuetec R360

    Posted by Michael on Apr 20th 2012

    The R360 Hits good has good action, The finish on it leaves something to be desired. Not smooth in the 12 in area for the bridge. The cuetec sst has the best feel. They could have put a better finish for the price there asking.

  • Phrenic Favor

    Posted by Henry on Apr 17th 2012

    Compared to my regular Cuetec fiberglass over maple shaft, the deflection is less, which immediately thrust me up cloud-nine. With that being said, you have a phrenic favor complementing your game/stroke. (Which I believe helps a majority knowing you have the "best.") However, there is no substitute for skill, for you will still have to work on your judgement and feel. Good buy, good price!

  • Cuetec R-360 Shaft

    Posted by Michael A. on Sep 11th 2011

    Decided to buy the R-360 shaft after I found out that the SST Tru Glide shaft does not contain a graphite core. I am extremely pleased with my new R-360 shaft. The play from this shaft is EXCEPTIONAL! I have a friend that has the OB-1 shaft, and in my opinion, the play from the R-360 shaft is far superior. If I'm not mistaken, the R-360 has a 12.75 mm taper, just like the OB-1 shaft. This taper, coupled with an upgrade to the Tiger Sniper cue tip has given me great accuracy as well as cue ball control that I have not had with any other shaft and tip combo. Very, very happy with this R-360 shaft and Tiger Sniper tip and my model 13694 butt. Thank you so very much Ozone Billiards; you have come through for me in a very, very big way!!!!!!

  • A good solid wood shaft from Cuetec

    Posted by Gary on Jul 14th 2011

    I purchased this item as a replacement for the old standard SST Cuetec shaft and I love it! Feels like a traditional wood shaft when played. The low deflection feature took some getting used to, but I can see my game improving already.