Cuetec R360 Cue - Natural Maple Stain

Cuetec R360 Cue - Natural Maple Stain

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Cuetec R360 cues combine incredible quality butts with the latest technology in shaft design to set the tone for the next generation of pool cues. The Cuetec R360 is setting the new standard for shaft making technology. It is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cuts of A Plus grade Canadian maple sections which ensures maximum radial consistency for accurate cue ball response and control. This Cuetec R360 cue features:

  • Design: Natural Maple Stain Design
  • Shaft: 12.75mm Cuetec R360 with 15.5" Pro Taper
  • Tip: Tiger Everest Laminated Leather
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Joint: Unique Cuetec Joint
  • Wrap: Black Irish Linen Wrap
  • Free Joint Protectors Included
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  • Cuetec R360

    Posted by JP on Feb 25th 2018

    I've always wanted this cue and finally ordered one. Outstanding reviews were 100% justified! This cue changed my game and now I'm playing my alltime best after using this cue for only a week. The cue ball will go absolutely straight which makes long cut shots easy. Although Ozone messed up on the leather wrap, I still shoot outstanding with it.

  • Great cue

    Posted by james on Dec 8th 2016

    I like my McDermott better,but this is Avery good cue

  • Love this stick

    Posted by nikki on Dec 20th 2015

    Some reviews I saw say this stick is butt heavy and the balance is weird, while it is butt heavy I found the balance at 19oz to be great. Deflection from the few hours I used it last night is moderately lower than your standered pro tapered maple shaft.

    The everest tip hit felt great and came in a perfect dime shape.

  • Nice stick

    Posted by Carl on Oct 22nd 2015

    I received the stick in two days, Amazing. Nice well balanced stick, I like the tip as well. It seemed to improve my game.

  • Outstanding!

    Posted by Abdulmajeed on Dec 8th 2014

    If you are looking for a low deflection cue for an amazing price, I really recommend this one for you. I really can't find anything negative about R360.

  • Cuetec 36 cue

    Posted by Rubin on Sep 17th 2014

    I really did not know why a cored shaft would play differently. After a few shots and comparing it to my other cues, I could feel a much softer contact with the cue.

  • Really enjoy playing with this cue

    Posted by Garrett on Feb 21st 2014

    cue plays great, handles well, only problem i found is that it breaks down hard, with a metal screw that goes into a plastic threaded shaft. and i wish this cue came with the option to add or subtract weight.
    either way for the price a very nice cue that has helped my game and control.

  • Great Value!

    Posted by Donald on Jan 31st 2013

    I always favored Cuetec cues but, the R360 exceeded my expectations! Got a break and run in my first match using it. I matched it with a Kamui Black Super Soft tip - Very pleased!!

  • Like I said .. my wife shot with mine and wanted her own

    Posted by Jim on Jan 17th 2013

    I purchased the Cuetec R360 Gray and let my wife shoot with it. After the second shot, she said, "I get my own, right?"

    She was shooting with a Meucci with a Kamui tip before. Now with her Cuetec R360 Natural Stain her shot making has gone up by at least 3 balls per game and getting better. The feel, accuracy, control is just so much better.

    Thank you Ozone Billiards for great pricing too!