Cuetec R360 Cue - Grey Stain

Cuetec R360 Cue - Grey Stain

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Cuetec R360 cues combine incredible quality butts with the latest technology in shaft design to set the tone for the next generation of pool cues. The Cuetec R360 is setting the new standard for shaft making technology. It is constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cuts of A Plus grade Canadian maple sections which ensures maximum radial consistency for accurate cue ball response and control. This Cuetec R360 cue features:

  • Design: Grey Stain Design
  • Shaft: 12.75mm Cuetec R360 with 15.5" Pro Taper
  • Tip: Tiger Everest Laminated Leather
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Joint: Unique Cuetec Joint
  • Wrap: Black Irish Linen Wrap
  • Free Joint Protectors Included
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  • Had to buy it for my dad after he shot with mine

    Posted by Luke on Apr 9th 2016

    I bought my R360 in the black pearl stain a few months ago and I love it, it shoots great. But my dad also loved to keep him from using my R360 I ordered this one as a birthday gift for him.

  • love it

    Posted by Dustin on Feb 22nd 2016

    I have had this stick for about 2 yrs and I absolutely love it. I in fact just ordered my 2nd one so I can pass down my first one to my oldest son....Love cuetec as a brand and the new R360s are awesome. And cant beat the price.

  • Very nice cue for the money

    Posted by Don B on Jan 31st 2016

    Going to order the 1/2 oz. weights to get it perfect for me

  • very nice cue

    Posted by Jerry on Nov 30th 2015

    I bought this just to try the R360, it shoots great.

  • Great Cue!

    Posted by Bob M. on Jul 19th 2015

    This Cuetec 360 is by far the best cue I have ever played with.
    Plays much better than my $500 cue.

  • Awesome cue

    Posted by Steven on Aug 31st 2014

    An all around great cue

  • love it

    Posted by Kev on Apr 8th 2013

    Wow... excellent! hit is smooth and accurate @ 20oz it's still a little light for me so i'll be looking into weight bolts, but overall a solid arrow. definitely recommend

  • r360 cuetec

    Posted by vince on Apr 2nd 2013

    received my new cuetec 360 took a little longer to get than my last purchase of a lucasi L-D1but in all i am satisified with the new purchase although i have not had a chance to use it yet the cue seems perfect will find out this weekend. it is a little hard to break down as the shaft and butt are so tight but i guess that is better than having it loose. the support staff at ozone, that i talked to online (kurt) has been excepitional every time i have had to have help well done.

  • WOW ... Now I have to get one for my wife

    Posted by Jim on Dec 20th 2012

    I have several cues from Meucci with 3 shafts, a Viking with the shaft modified, a custom cue, a Cuetec with the SST shaft (latest purchase before my new Cuetec R360 Grey Stain) and now ... the R360 cue. I chose to get the complete cue rather than just the R360 shaft so I could do shot for shot comparison with both cues.

    Then I made the mistake of having my wife (who likes and shoots with the Meucci) try the R360 out.

    NO comparison with ANY of the other cues. After 3 shots she said, "I'm getting one of these for my birthday --- or sooner. Right?"

    Even against the regular Cuetec which frankly puts all the other cues to shame, this R360 is so far and away the better shooter it's amazing.

    I had the Kamui - II Medium tip put on it as I did with my SST Quetec AND the Meucci as the only change from standard 19 oz R360 - Grey Stain delivery.

    The hit is EFFORTLESS. The accuracy is like having put a high powered scope on the cue. Control (partially due I'm sure to the tip change) is amazing. The ACTION on the cue is incredible. No deflection that I could see.

    The ferrule with that new patent pending cushion makes this this hit with zero vibration or loss of contact with the cue ball.

    I have only one more thing to add. BUY ONE if you want top shelf, high level cue action without spending 1 to 5 times more money ... possibly for less cue.

    Thanks by the way to Ozone Billiards for a fantastic deal. With the tip conversion included and their special on no-cost-shipping I spent less on this cue than any of my other cues except the standard SST Cuetec that I bought from a local dealer for $150 and then paid him $35 for the same Kamui tip.

    For another $11 I'd have had this new one!