Cuetec Joint Protectors

Cuetec Joint Protectors

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Cuetec Joint

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This set includes the joint protectors for both the shaft and butt for Cuetec Cues (will not work with Quick Release joint).

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  • Add a little class to your Cuetec cue!

    Posted by Joseph on Dec 21st 2012

    I would first like to say that I was pretty worried about buying JP's with plastic threads however once these bad boys arrived in the mail I am officially worry free! The build quality on these is great for what they are, not too flashy but to the point. I especially love the fact that the threads on the shaft JP's are short so they are very quick to take off and put on. The Cuetec brand logos on these make them easier to identify if you have more than one cue in your case. The added length and tapered in diameter makes these great for those using a cue case that opens from the top and has multiple sleeve/pockets for shafts or butts. Represent that Cuetec love with these!

  • Identifiers

    Posted by John on Dec 5th 2012

    I use them to see quickly identify the cues in my case. Other league members think its great idea

  • easy to use

    Posted by cody mcbride on Oct 9th 2012

    very handy, keeps your joints protected and easy to unscrew and screw on

  • Looks good!

    Posted by Sush on Sep 17th 2012

    Cuetec usually comes with a standard joint protector so, It's a nice to have item.

  • Excellent joint protecters

    Posted by John on Aug 15th 2012

    Do the job well

  • Correct Fit

    Posted by Diane on Jul 27th 2012

    these fit my cuetec three piece cue perfectly

  • working

    Posted by Darryl hostetter on Jun 26th 2012

    very nice

  • Nice Caps

    Posted by Harry on May 28th 2012

    Choice joint protectors for my Cuetec cue. When I first got the cue as a gift, it only came with a makeshift cap for the cue butt. Makes the Cuetec look much better.

  • Good price

    Posted by Jack on Mar 8th 2012

    Good/cheap insurance.