Cuetec Cues - WCT Break Cues

Cuetec Cues - WCT Break Cues

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The WCT Break Cue is the newest addition to the Cuetec cue brand, this is the most technologically advanced break cue in terms of performance, power, and energy transfer on the market today. This Cuetec cue features:

  • Black Stain with the Cuetec WCT Break Logo
  • 13mm WCT Break Shaft
  • Phenolic Ferrule
  • Standard Tip: Hard Leather Layered Tip
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap
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  • Halen Mcfadden

    Posted by Halen Mcfadden on Oct 4th 2019

    Halen Mcfadden
    I love this stick had ever since I got it my break has gotten stronger and winning more games... I very strongly recommend this break cue if you play pool a lot like me

  • Great Break Cue

    Posted by J.r. on Jan 23rd 2016

    Got this for my dad for his birthday! He's loving it! He's seeing more balls dropping on breaks! Great value for the price! Also, packed well with no problems!

  • Great breaker.

    Posted by Larry Watkins on Apr 25th 2015

    Ordered mine with a Samsara tip, very solid break.

  • Very good break cue

    Posted by Jeff on Mar 22nd 2015

    After a lot of review reading, I purchased this break cue. I will say my breaks are so much better, but it also practiced technique. The WCT takes away the jolt of a house cue if you really crush. With this cue, I find that there is no need to slam into the rack. It provides a real good scatter while letting you control your cueball. My son has the cuetec meteor and I think that cue just crushes the rack. I prefer the feel of the meteor.

  • Great Break Stick

    Posted by William on Feb 22nd 2015

    I have been playing with this stick for about 6 months and i love it. It hit's very solid and with a good spread. I make 1-2 balls about 90% of the time on the break.


    Posted by Greg Wolf on Sep 23rd 2014

    Picked this break stick because of the reviews. Truly all the cue you'll need for the money. I upgraded it with a Kamui Black Clear Hard tip and it keeps up with all of the upper tier break/jump cues I have tried or seen. For a cue I use once a game I didn't want to spend a lot but this small investment was well worth. When I hit the spot I want on the rack the results have been amazing compared to house cues or cheap cues I have used to break with. As far as Ozone goes I tell everyone I meet interested it biliards to go to one place for their and it is here. Fast and reliable. Best online purchase experience i have ever had. Thanks Ozone.

  • wct break cue ssswwweeeeeetttt

    Posted by brian on Aug 15th 2014

    Everything on the current reviews I read is true. Nice break cue when three balls drop on the break wow. Thanks ozone. Im happy with the purchase.

  • Better

    Posted by Robert on Aug 11th 2014

    Way better than the meteor. Solid break. Great if you want to improve your break game

  • Cuetec Breaking Cue

    Posted by Fred on Jun 28th 2014

    I like the ability to change the weight of this breaking cue, I also like the fiberglass protection and its smoothness.