Cuetec Cues - Gen-Tek Series - Silver Swirl

Cuetec Cues - Gen-Tek Series - Silver Swirl

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This Cuetec pool cue is from the Gen-Tek series a brand new and exciting design made to suit any style. Constructed with the highest quality, ABS material on the ferrule for the ultimate transfer of energy from shaft to the cue tip while helping to control vibration and cue ball deflection. The butt has a stainless steel joint with matching butt cap with a solid rubber bumper providing extra protection on the bottom and a PU Rubber grip to give you a handle on the power of a Gentek pool cue. This cue features:

  • Design: Silver Swirl Style
  • Shaft: High-Tech Maple with 15.5" Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.) Coated with Fiberglass with the Tru-Glide Finish
  • Tip: Tiger Everest 10 Layered Leather Laminated Pigskin
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Joint: Stainless Steel Cuetec Joint
  • Wrap: Cushioned PU Sports Grip
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  • Excellent stick

    Posted by Adam edwards on Jul 6th 2014

    Does everything I want it to do

  • Very nice

    Posted by Christopher on Jun 2nd 2014

    It was nice

  • Great stick

    Posted by Mark on May 7th 2014

    This stick is exactly what I was looking for. I just started shooting about a year ago and this was my first nice stick that I bought. It was here in a few days and was exactly what I expected it to be. Nice and straight and shoots great. My only complaint would be that the surface of the shaft that makes contact with the cue ball does get dry, but if you have some chalk or a glove, it is no issue. I would recommend this stick to my friends.

  • Great beginner stick

    Posted by David on Feb 7th 2014

    So far the stick has performed as expected. The tip change was a nice add on through Ozone.

  • Cuetec Cues - Gen-Tek Series - Silver Swirl

    Posted by Albert on Dec 13th 2013

    Really like this cue, it's a 20 oz and what I believe is the greatest part of it is the grip. You have a lot of control when you hold it. Can't say enough about it. Try one you won't be sorry.

  • A nice reasonably priced stick, I highly recommend buying!

    Posted by David C McMunn on May 16th 2013

    Cuetec produced a fine cue with its' Gen-Tec Series Silver Swirl. The tip of the cue was a tad smooth, so I used a shaping tool to rough it up some. Like many cues similar to this one it's necessary to do this, as when using said has a tendency to slip on breaks and when making crucial shots. A piece of fine sand paper can be used in place of a shaping tool. A solid 4 or 5 star rating!


    Posted by Darryl on Apr 15th 2013

    Had the Gen Tek Silver Swirl for a while now but just used it just this last weekend and boy was I happy with the smooth surface that allowed me to aim my shots with ease... I've been playing for years and can't afford the more expensive sticks out there but I am truly satisfied with what CueTec delivered in this Series Cues.

  • I like it alot.

    Posted by Jennifer on Apr 7th 2013

    I Love the stick and only have one bad thing to say. i can see a seem where the graphics meets.. Other than that It shoots great. No complaints.

  • Good Cue

    Posted by Nancy on Mar 8th 2013

    Very smooth and much easier to play with.