Cuetec Cues - Gen-Tek Series - Silver Swirl

Cuetec Cues - Gen-Tek Series - Silver Swirl

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This Cuetec pool cue is from the Gen-Tek series a brand new and exciting design made to suit any style. Constructed with the highest quality, ABS material on the ferrule for the ultimate transfer of energy from shaft to the cue tip while helping to control vibration and cue ball deflection. The butt has a stainless steel joint with matching butt cap with a solid rubber bumper providing extra protection on the bottom and a PU Rubber grip to give you a handle on the power of a Gentek pool cue. This cue features:

  • Design: Silver Swirl Style
  • Shaft: High-Tech Maple with 15.5" Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.) Coated with Fiberglass with the Tru-Glide Finish
  • Tip: Tiger Everest 10 Layered Leather Laminated Pigskin
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate
  • Joint: Stainless Steel Cuetec Joint
  • Wrap: Cushioned PU Sports Grip
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  • Awesome Cue!

    Posted by John on Mar 6th 2020

    Okay, I'm stupid.
    Still learning.

    Just clean the cue and put some carnauba car wax on it when it starts to stick.
    Problem solved.

    Well, now I have two awesome cues.

  • I Guess Fiberglass is a Gimmick?

    Posted by John Ross on Feb 20th 2020

    I loved this cue for the first month I was using it, but ended up getting a McDermott as soon as possible after the fiberglass coating turned from being slick as possible to sticking to my hand like glue sometimes.

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, like not cleaning it the right way.
    Used damp paper towels to work any dirt and grime off.

    I guess if you use a glove this cue would be fine.
    I hate wearing gloves though.
    I'm surprised by the amount of reviews all being great, that no one else has had this issue.

    I really will miss the rubber grip.

    But I got a McDermott G Series (G-Core) now.
    Wish it had a rubber grip like this, but other than that, love it.

  • Awesome Cue!

    Posted by John on Jan 14th 2020

    Into my second session of league play, just upgraded my playing cue from a $100 Player Series Cue to this $176 Cuetec Cue.
    What a difference!
    This cue instantly became my most prized possession.
    I love the look, the sports grip is so nice.
    The fiberglass finish feels so smooth gliding on the hand, which is exactly what I needed after I got sick of wearing my glove.
    I feel like I have less miss cues with the higher quality pigskin tip.
    I've purchased my entire collection of accessories from Ozone since I started playing, but this cue is easily the top piece.

  • Great stick!

    Posted by Alan Bureau on Mar 30th 2018

    What a great cue for the price. Nice finish and hardware. I don't wear a glove so the fiberglass coating provides a nice smooth glide. Nice balance too.

  • One of my best cues from ozone

    Posted by denise on May 11th 2016

    Love my new pool stick this is the second cur i purchased from this sight. Im always satisfied on my purchases it always come as expected. Would love to recommend this to my team other than reasonable price fast shipping also. Would want to purchase more from ozone.

  • great cue

    Posted by TIM on Nov 3rd 2014

    fast shipping awesome cue really improved my game

  • Cue Stick

    Posted by Nikki on Sep 5th 2014

    Its awesome and my husband loved it! Still loves it!

  • It's is a great pool stick

    Posted by Rob on Aug 19th 2014

    It's a great shooting stick & i have the breaking stick I'm glad I got them both

  • Cuetec Cue - Silver Swirl

    Posted by Don J on Jul 29th 2014

    Good quality pool cue for the price, very impressed. Looking forward buying additional accessories from Ozone Billiards.