Cuetec Bowtie

Cuetec Bowtie

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The Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool 3 in 1 tool provides a scuffer, shaper, and tip aerator an all in one tool. The perfect tip tool for every pool player and it's small enough to fit in your pocket. Great for use on new tips and tips that have seen long term use. This Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool features:

  • Cue Tip Scuffer – The purpose of the scuffer is to simply roughen the surface of the tip so it will hold chalk. Most new tips come with a finish that needs to be scuffed off before you can use the cue. After long-term use, the tip may compress to a smooth surface that also needs to be scuffed.
  • Cue Tip Shaper – The purpose of the shaper is to contour the cue tip to the desired dome curvature you are comfortable with. You lightly scrape the tip using a rotating motion, clockwise or counter-clockwise, making sure you work your way around the entire tip. Players commonly use a dime or nickel to measure this curvature.
  • Cue Tip Aerator – The purpose of the aerator is to break up the surface of the tip when it is new or it has been compressed after long-term use. You must unscrew the Bowtie Tip Tool to reveal the aerator pins. Gently roll the aerator over the tip piercing the tip with small pinholes so it will hold more chalk.
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  • Love it

    Posted by John Fugler on Sep 9th 2022

    Definitely will buy again if in need

  • Nifty Gizmo!!!

    Posted by Mike H on Aug 5th 2021

    This was a free gift with a break cue, but what a cool item. All the needed tip functions in one slick, compact, handy package. Excellent!!!!

  • Cuetec Bowtie

    Posted by Alan Duy on Jun 14th 2021

    Very convenient and effective, durable. Recommend t everyone

  • Cuetec Bowtie

    Posted by Carlos Hernandez on Jul 18th 2020

    I really have nothing bad to say about this product! It’s great, easy to store, easy to use, and the metal feels like it’s strong enough to last for some time.

  • Cuetec bowtie

    Posted by John Watson on Jul 17th 2020

    Never having used this product before,I found it simple and fast to shape my new cues tip to the perfect configuration...

  • My opinion best tool out there

    Posted by Craig Redden on Jul 5th 2020

    fits in your hand perfectly so if u gotta hit someone it helps

  • cuetec bowtie

    Posted by Dennis Dansby on Feb 21st 2020

    Good very good

  • Cuetec bowtie

    Posted by Jubal Halcomb on Sep 3rd 2018

    Works exactly as described.

  • Cue Tex bow tie

    Posted by Kurt Shelton on Aug 29th 2018

    Love this product. I’ve used a lot of shaping and scuffing tools and the bow tie is by far the best product that I have used