Cuetec and Scorpion Weight Bolts Set - 1oz

Cuetec and Scorpion Weight Bolts Set - 1oz

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This Cuetec and Scorpion Weight Bolts Set comes in a 5 pack of 1oz weights. They will fit in a Cuetec and Scorpion Cue that features the new stackable weight bolt system. Each bolt measures 1" in Length x 5/8" in Diameter. Customize the feel of your cue by adding or subtracting these 1oz weights from the butt. Easy to install just unscrew the butt cap that is at the bottom end of your cue and with the use of a Phillips screw driver (not included) put the weight bolt in. Adjusting the weight on your cue could be the factor of winning or loosing a game.

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  • As Expected

    Posted by Therese on May 28th 2015

    Really, it's hard to screw up weight bolts. I have, well, HAD a 21 oz break cue, ordered these. Put three in the butt because that's all that would fit (there's a total of four in now) and I LOVE how it hits. I gave the two I had leftover to a friend that has a CueTec break cue.

  • Works Great

    Posted by Bill on Sep 25th 2014

    First time I tried the Cuetec weight system and it it works well.

  • Weight Changing

    Posted by Fred on Jun 28th 2014

    Very easy to change the weight of your breaking cue. What a great feature.

  • Very Versatile and Easy to Use

    Posted by Peter on Apr 18th 2014

    Adding weights to my cuetec cue have become so easy now, giving me the perfect weight for my break cue, can't even count the amount of flawless games I have given, these weight bolts are truly a game changer.

  • Great weights

    Posted by Kody on Feb 17th 2014

    For the money you can't do better. They fit my cuetec cue without a hitch.

  • Rating

    Posted by nicholas on Jan 11th 2014

    Perfect description and very fast delivery

  • Great adjustment

    Posted by Tyler Clark on May 7th 2013

    Creates a more available way to adjust your playing by adding one weight at a time and find a weight that suits you the best

  • Works great !

    Posted by Curt Culbertson on Apr 19th 2013

    These fine tune a cue in no time !

  • Great!

    Posted by Sandra on Apr 2nd 2013

    Love the extra weight that it added to my cue....