Cue Reach Cue Extension - Universal

Cue Reach Cue Extension - Universal

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The Cue Reach is an extension tool for cues that are not long enough to reach certain areas on the playing table. Very easy to use just simply slide your cue into the tube, tip first all the way down until the butt is snug. Holds cue in tightly and has a plastic grip handle to help you with your stroke and cue ball control. Made out of hard durable plastic with a smooth inside so it will not harm the cue. Ever get stuck in the middle of a game with an unreachable shot? The Cue Reach extension is your answer. This product features:

  • Extends cue approximately 18"
  • Made out of high impact polyethylene
  • Indestructible
  • Easy installation
  • Universal Design Great for All Pool Cues
  • Measures 24" Long
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  • Cue reach does the job and is easy to use

    Posted by Gene Odom on Aug 3rd 2017

    Very first match I used this extension to make the eight ball and win the game.

  • Arm Extender

    Posted by Kenneth on Aug 1st 2017

    First time I used it was in practice so I could set the shots up where I needed them to use this. It was great and didn't have to reach for crutch, just slid this on the cue stick and made the shot.

  • Cue Reach is very popular with our tournament players

    Posted by Wayne Hester on Jul 14th 2017

    I maintain the house cues at our senior center and my friends bring me their shafts to re-tip or re-ferrule. As a result anything they need in the way of pool supplies I have become the go-getter for them. If they need it I will find it and order it for them from gloves to tip picks, chalk holders or whatever. I have ordered several Cue Reach cue extension tubes as they are the most requested and we even keep one in the pool hall above one of the racks. They have been found to be very reliable and convenient for the purpose when many prefer it over a bridge. Wayne

  • I can reach.

    Posted by K G on Jul 13th 2017

    This is a extra one I bought that I keep in CA. I'm 5'7" I use it for mostly for shots just out of reach of my break cue that I have a balance rite on to reach shots I can't get too. Then if the Object Ball is like 6 inches from the end rail I'll use a rake. Because the cue reach gets a little too shaky on a nine foot table. But anything in between those two situations I use the cue reach which works great. If I use the bridge a bit too far away it gets real iffy. I use the cue reach sparingly but for those in between shots it's a must for me. Won me some games because I can shoot otherwise long stretch shots like a normal easy shot.

  • Light Plastic

    Posted by Sean on May 21st 2017

    Product is made of a hard and very light plastic. I bought it as the cheapest extension on the market, and once I got it in had I understood why. The weightlessness of the device could very easily throw off your balance. Still not sure how to carry it as there's no way to fit it in a case. I've seen that others modify with a saw to fit the long pockets.

  • a must

    Posted by sean on May 7th 2017

    If you play on 9ft table, this is a outstanding weapon & will keep you from looking pretty stupid as you're on the money ball that is straight end! 15.00 bucks to win the game, the simplicity & functionality is outstanding!

  • It works

    Posted by Cotton on Feb 22nd 2017

    It's plastic, but does the job. Pleased with the purchase.

  • Too long

    Posted by Robert on Jul 18th 2016

    For me....way too long to feel comfortable. feels unstable and does not fit in my cue case. After using a saw and cutting it down it feels stable and fits the case...Next time I'll purchase a screw into the butt extension....

  • Its a Must Have for Any Player!!

    Posted by Peter on Jan 21st 2016

    This extender is the perfect tool to give the extra edge for those hard to reach shots, easily slips over your cue to give additional length without having to reach for that annoying bridge. Allows you to keep your stroke while making those long shots. Its a must have for all players.