Cue It Up Portable Cue Holder - Red

Cue It Up Portable Cue Holder - Red

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The Cue It Up Cue Holder is a light weight portable cue holder that is practical to use and travel with. Opens wide with a strong spring to clip on any edge of a table and securely holds 4 cues at a time with a rubber overlay to protect each one. It also has an anti slip ball holder and it's reversible featuring an 8 ball design on one side and a 9 ball on the other. This Cue it Up Cue Holder features:

  • Red color with metal specks design
  • Holds 4 cues
  • Securely attaches to edge of table
  • Reversible
  • Includes ball holder
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  • Nothing special, but...

    Posted by Lonnie on Jul 21st 2017

    It's nothing special, but does exactly what it's supposed to do. And generally does it better than the other products I've tried. So, five stars here.

  • Good product

    Posted by Di on Apr 13th 2016

    Easy to use but not that tight

  • Cue Holder

    Posted by Cindy on Aug 19th 2014

    I am very happy with this product especially due to its light weight because I can carry it around easily in my hand bag!

  • Good Pool Cue Holder

    Posted by Randy on Mar 10th 2012

    Does what it's supposed to do. Have had many inquiries on it. The "ball holder" spot I find kind of useless. Waiting for the E-Grip to hit the market.

  • Nice

    Posted by Donny on Mar 7th 2012

    Was very good didn't have to worry about my new cue falling to the floor

  • This thing is AWESOME!!

    Posted by Jesse on Feb 16th 2012

    Has fit every table I've used it on thusfar, and keeps my sticks, and friends sticks from falling.

  • Lightweight Cue Holder

    Posted by Mark on Jun 17th 2011

    I've owned just about every type of cue holder (weighted claw, clamps, and clip-ons), and i prefer this one the most so far. I'm an APA poolplayer, and just about everyone that's seen it on league nights asked me where i got it since they've never seen it.

    I have a good-sized case (3 butt / 5 shaft) and it easily fits in the large pocket, but it may not fit in all cases. Although, you could probably just clip it to your case's strap.

    It's lightweight, has padded notches, and has a tall enough grip that it clips to all the tables and surfaces in the bars and pool halls that i go to on league nights. My clamp didn't work perfectly at every place, but no problems with this so far.

    My only issue is that the inner notches are inset slightly into the handle, and i think all of the notches should be spread out a little more. If there's actually 4 cues on it, it can be slightly awkward to get the inner cues (unlike a claw, you need to pull it away-and-out from the handle without affecting the adjoining cue). But, it's really not an issue once you get used to it... Just think the designer could widen the whole thing by just one inch, and it would be perfect!

  • Door Prize

    Posted by Carla on Mar 20th 2011

    I bought this and a few other things as door prizes for my pool league. Everyone was very happy with their wins!
    This was lightweight for a cue holder, which was a nice change. I had wondered if it would fit in a cue case, but was informed by the winner that she was just going to clip it to the strap!
    As always, shipping was quick and I had no problems with my order.

  • Cue holder

    Posted by Larry on Mar 5th 2011

    This is a great cue holder. It clamps on any style of table, square or round. It holds four cues in a padded notch and it is easy to grab your cue when going to shoot. I would recommend this this to anyone.