Chalk Box Retractable Belt Clip Chalker

Chalk Box Retractable Belt Clip Chalker

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The Chalk Box with Retractable Belt Clip will help you always keep chalk at your side while playing. You will never loose your chalk again. This 8 Ball Retractable Chalker features:

  • 8 Ball decal design
  • Clips to your belt for easy access
  • Convenient retractable cord
  • Fits any standard size chalk 
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  • Convenient

    Posted by Jake on Aug 10th 2017

    Good way to not lose your chalk and always be a arms reach away

  • Perfect

    Posted by Johnny on Jul 4th 2017

    Just what needed, I'll never lose my chalk again!

  • Convenient

    Posted by Robby on Feb 17th 2017

    Great to clip on your belt. pull to chalk up and it retracts back easily.
    Dont pull too hard or the cord will snap. Also, it is hard to get the
    chalk out of the holder to replace it with another piece of chalk.

  • Good for the price

    Posted by Brandon on Jul 25th 2016

    It's good for the price - the string seems like it has potential to break in the future but right now no problems and if it breaks it's cheap enough to replace

  • So happy with this purchase!

    Posted by David on Aug 31st 2015

    Never lose your chalk again! I use to lose chalk every week from putting down on the table and someone snatching it up.
    My game is actually better now because i can keep my concentration on the game and not searching for the chalk on the table.
    Clips on easily to your pocket and plenty long enough to chalk your tip and retracts perfectly back.
    All my teammates wants one now.

  • Love this thing.

    Posted by alex on Oct 19th 2014

    I have lost so many chalk holder by putting them down and forgetting them or having someone walk off with it. With this I just clip it to my pocket and never have to wonder where did I set my chalk down.

  • Love this

    Posted by Nancy on Aug 26th 2014

    Finally able to keep track of my chalk. The string breaks easily though, so you have to purchase several of them.

  • Great and easy to use....

    Posted by Franell Pe'a-Henry on Jul 29th 2014

    Very easy to use...clips on almost everything not too small and not too big...VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.....

  • Cool Accessory

    Posted by Corey on Jul 12th 2014

    This little thing is pretty cool. Chalk always around your waist (or wherever you want to attach it to) and doesn't really affect anything, you barely notice it.