Capelle on 9 Ball - Archer vs Reyes Book DVD Combo

Capelle on 9 Ball - Archer vs Reyes Book DVD Combo

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A new 200-page book by Phil Capelle analyzes a match between Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes. You will also receive a SPECIAL EDITION of the match on DVD that includes an instructional section in which Capelle analyzes 25 shots from the match. THE BOOK: Part 1 - The Match - Capelle takes you shot by shot through the Match - Key shots are diagrammed - 100+ lessons for your game - Learn pattern play, position, and defense Part II - The Pro Method - Discover how the professionals use their time - Test your game against the pros - Archer and Reyes: a contrast in styles THE DVD: Part 1 - The Match - Archer and Reyes fight for survival at the Sands 23. - Over a dozen superb runouts - Learn from Bill Incardona's commentary Part II - Lessons from the Pros - 25 shots analyzed in detail by Phil Capelle - Extensive use of special effects - Alternative shot selection for amateurs

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  • Great match and analysis

    Posted by Andrew on May 30th 2014

    A great match between 2 HOFers and very informative analysis by Capelle. Would recommend

  • Capelle on 9 Ball- Archer vs Reyes Book DVD Combo

    Posted by Ben on Feb 13th 2012

    One of the best hill-hill 9 ball matches you will ever see. This DVD is recommed to every serious pool player. Capelle's analysis of the match is very informative.

  • Awesome match - equally awesome book!

    Posted by Alan on Dec 24th 2011

    The match itself was a nail-biter right down to the wire. You could probably learn a thing or two just watching that part, but what you'll learn later is invaluable. As always, Mr. Capelle does a fantastic job at explaining the things you can see in the match and several things you may have overlooked. Great book/video combo - excellent learning experience. I would recommend this to anyone!!