Break & Run 3 Disc Box Set Instructional DVD

Break & Run 3 Disc Box Set Instructional DVD

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Break & Run 3 Disc Box Set Instructional DVD is an instructional box-set geared towards advanced and expert level players. Featuring 13 of the world's top international players, the series addresses concepts and techniques that were previously unavailable in instructional media. Content includes information on expert level breaking, offensive and defensive pattern racking, reading racks, pattern play, advanced position play, 8, 9, & 10ball strategy, kicking & banking systems, etc. Staring Alex Pagulayan, Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen, Karl Boyes, Rodney Morris, Raj Hundal, Earl Strickland, Chris Melling, Donny Mills, Jayson Shaw, Dennis Hatch, John Morra, and Jason Klatt. With a cumulative 11 World Championships and 11 US Open titles, there is no better group of players from whom to learn. Break & Run 3 Disc Box Set Instructional DVD features:

  • Disc 1- Advanced fundamentals (with Morris), Pattern play & cue ball control (with Hundal), and Kicking & banking (with Pagulayan)
  • Disc 2 - 9 Ball - Breaking & strategy (with Immonen), 10 Ball - breaking & strategy (with Appleton), and 8 Ball - breaking & strategy (with Boyes)
  • Disc 3 - 13 Runouts with instruction (all 13 players), 3-Rail kicking system (by Nathan DuMoulin)
  • Running Time: Estimated to be 200+ mins
  • Not Rated
  • 16:9 Widescreen Format
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  • Good Modern day insider tips

    Posted by Rick on Apr 1st 2015

    Production quality was fair. No animation, rather focused on verbal explanations from pros. I did enjoy the realness hearing directly from the pros and getting a glimpse of their personalities. The previous other reviewers criticizing the pros on their presentation skills are not appropriate. The pros did their best in explaining how they approach shots.
    There are three DVDs to make it appear more substantial and worth the steep price "sale price" of $49.50, but the DVDs are very short and could easily fit on one DVD. I still think the price is worth it, understanding support of the sport and pros. There are a lot of great tips such as Patttern Racking and how a pro chooses the correct position line compared to the obvious easier line.
    I don't know what margin they are running, but a more fair price would be $29.50.

  • Poor quality

    Posted by Mike on Sep 9th 2013

    Only one of the players actually took the time to explain his shots as if he cared. Certainly not a good purchase for any skill level

  • Learned a lot.

    Posted by Carlos Guerra on Aug 20th 2013

    I would highly recommend this DVD for anyone that wants to be advanced. I've been following some of these players for the past year and can say they do an exceptional job at teaching!

  • Great DVD

    Posted by Jimmy on Mar 23rd 2012

    This is an excellent set of DVD's Really can learn a lot!


    Posted by Max on Mar 3rd 2012

    This 3-DVD video set is very ineresting and informative. If you follow Billiards on TV, all the Pro's in these video's, you will have seen before. Some of the instruction they provide is a bit advanced, but any level player will learn from it. As each Pro breaks and runs a rack, they explain their logic in picking each shot, so you can understand the reasoning they use and hopefully enhance your thought process when you confront this same situation. Each Pro is unique which makes it even more interesting. The only thing I did not like about this set is - at the beginning of each DVD, they run a "commercial" for a "Trick Shot" DVD. That would have been fine for DVD #1, but you don't need it on #2 and #3. For a real burst of entertainment, watch the "Outtakes and Deleted Scenes on DVD #3. You'll find filming this series didn't always go so smooth. It's fun to watch the Pro's mess up.

  • Break & Run DVDs are packed with good pool info

    Posted by Tom on Mar 2nd 2012

    Enjoyable DVDs - Target audience is not a beginning pool player. Stance, alignment, break and game strategy, are covered for 8, 9 and 10 ball. Pattern play is also covered. All players pass on good useful pool info, some are more eloquent then others. Table used for this production is a 7 foot diamond table which has tighter pockets than a standard bar box. Playing differences between 9 ft. and 7ft. table were noted. 6 players (Karl Boyes, Rodney Morris, Alex Pagulayan, Darren Appleton Mika Imonen Raj Hundal) provide instruction on disc 1 or 2 and a break and run with their thought process on disc 3: 7 additional players ( Dennis Hatch, Earl Strickland, Jason Shaw, Chris Melling, John Morra, Donny Mills, Jason Klatt ) just demonstrate a break and run with their thought process. A total of 13 break and runs for 8, 9 and 10 ball are shown on disc 3. The outtakes and deleted senes are enjoyable to watch too. I feel if one notes the players' pre-shot routine, stance and rhythm, as well as the racking and breaking tips, a lot can be gleaned from these DVDs.

  • Break & Run.....far, very far!

    Posted by Michael on Feb 8th 2012

    This instructional DVD is not for beginners. There is a lot of assumed knowledge going on here. The pros that are featured, should stick to playing pool. They are not even playing on a 9' table. They're using a 7' bar table. The only half way decent segment was Mika Immonen. Raj Hundal's segment was okay. Earl Strickland is just plain weird! The two worst segments were Alex Pagulyan and Darren Appleton. Alex is very hard to understand and Darren just can't speak. Seriously, Darren was a stuttering, stammering mess! The overall production was poor. Apparently this video was not produced on a closed set. There were times where you could hear people on adjoining sets making all kinds of noise, which was very distracting. My recommendation,....Do not buy this video! Extremely poor production.