Bike Chain Chalk Holder

Bike Chain Chalk Holder

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The Bike Chain Chalk Holder is the new way to carry chalk. Built from actual bicycle chain links. It is sturdy, flexible and small so it can fit into most pockets. Holds any standard cube size chalk(not included). It can be used as a cool looking key chain. Chain link measures 3 5/8".

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  • Better than expected

    Posted by Phil on Dec 21st 2016

    Pricey but works well. Actually replaced chalk holder with a substitute as I liked the chain, but holder was so-so

  • Predator?

    Posted by Phil on Nov 30th 2016

    It looks great - good reviews etc.
    Now, do they make a hexagonal one for Predator chalk?

  • Works well

    Posted by Warren on Apr 13th 2016

    So far this holder has done what it was designed to do. It comes out of my pocket easily and goes back in my pocket with ease.

  • No Weak Link

    Posted by Tim Lass on Feb 23rd 2015

    I got this just to have enough on my order for free shipping, but it has turned out to be one of my favorite chalkers (I have a collection now of 17).

    It sits well in my pocket, comes out easily and is stiff enough to put back in my back pocket with no problem. Definitely recommend it to you!

  • bike chane chalk holder

    Posted by edward d. bales on Sep 23rd 2014

    great price

  • chalker

    Posted by bernie on Mar 24th 2014

    This is a unique chalker and has gotten many positive responses from other players

  • Stylish, but cheap

    Posted by Evan on Jan 14th 2014

    I like the look, but it's kind of cheap.

  • Chain chalk holder

    Posted by ED BEERS on Dec 18th 2013

    I got this for 1 certain person in my league to give to at the league party. His nickname is Linc, so I thought the chainlink chalk holder was pretty fitting.

  • Bike Chain Holder

    Posted by Kelly on Mar 23rd 2013

    I love the bike chain!!! It's Awesome!!