BCA 8/9 Ball Rules Poster

BCA 8/9 Ball Rules Poster

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No need to argue with friend and family. Display the World-Standardized Rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball in your pool room. This unique work of art is a must-have for any home or commercial pool room. The BCA 8/9 Ball Rules Poster features:

  • World standardized rules for 8 Ball and 9 Ball games
  • Dimensions - 24" x 36"
  • Makes a great gift for any billiards fan
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  • No Cheating!

    Posted by Deb S. on Mar 6th 2012

    Now I've got the proof of the rules!

  • Good poster, good price, arrived fast

    Posted by Amy on Jan 17th 2012

    I like the colors and the poster layout but the words are really small, so I had to hang it where we could get close to it to actually use it. That said, we do use it and I like that it has both 8 bal and 9 ball rules.

  • A must have!

    Posted by Joanne on Dec 15th 2011

    Particularly since it's been years since I've played! Now there's no arguement about the rules of the game. Might be neat if they put a few blank lines, or a box at the bottom so your can add "House Rules!"

  • BCA 8/9 Ball Rules Poster

    Posted by Chris Ackerland on Jul 4th 2011

    Oredered poster on a Sunday, recieved it the following Tuesday! Incredible service and expedition of my order. Shipped from GA and I live in So.! The poster is a must have for your home table in my opinion. Having it up helps avoid any confrontation due to rule disagreements.

  • Looks good framed - and very useful

    Posted by SKE on Jun 19th 2011

    Simple easy to read layout clearly covering the rules. Have it mounted in a nice poster frame on the wall next to one of the spectator chairs. We find oursleves referring to it far more than we would have thought!
    Pity I can't find an equivalent one for Snooker!

  • Thank Heaven For Rules!!!

    Posted by Eddie on Apr 27th 2011

    Just like there are all kinds of people...there seems to be all kinds of different rules that have come from the far corners of the earth. My buddies and I have been playing pool on my new table for about a month now and there has been argument after argument about the rules of pool. Well this poster ended all of the confusion and has ended the arguments about the rules. This poster should hang in every room that houses a pool table!!

  • A must have

    Posted by J.M. on Nov 29th 2010

    amazing how clearing the air on rules make the game more fun. it is missing a few things but minor in nature.

  • Pool Rules Poster

    Posted by Carl on Nov 12th 2009

    The Quality of the visual presentation and the content of the rules was very good. I was very satisfied. The only down side was the commercial advertising on the bottom 4" .

  • Poster with rules.. what more to say

    Posted by Chris Cowles on Oct 10th 2009

    Has the rules, no more arguing over what is legal or not.