Balance Rite Cue Extension

Balance Rite Cue Extension

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The Balance Rite Cue Extension is the perfect tool for players that need a little extra boost. This expander screws into the base of your cue, bringing even the farthest shot close-in. Tall players get the length they need for a stable, smooth stroke - without having to purchase a bulky extra-long shaft that may not fit in their case. Short players can play with ease regardless of table size - without having to interrupt their game by searching for a bridge. Both players get a solid, great quality extender with the rear-weighted traditional feel. This rear weighting system is also easy to use; just pop off your existing butt stopper and replace it with the special Balance Right stopper. When you need a little extra reach, screw the extender in place through the butt stopper - it locks into your cue's existing weight bolt for a super snug, stable hit. When you're not using the extender, the Balance Right stopper functions exactly like your old butt stopper - no hard surfaces to chip or crack and no leaving your cue butt unprotected! The Balance Right Rear Weighting System works on Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt and Dufferin brand cues. This Balance Rite Cue Extension also features:

  • Instantly extends the length of your cue to 11 inches more
  • Works with all cue weights
  • For use on Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt and Dufferin brand cues
  • Light weight
  • Small enough to fit in your case pocket
  • Fully removable
  • Fits behind your cue's butt for maximum rear balance
  • Screws on and off in seconds
  • Eliminates the need for a bridge or separate oversized shaft
  • Gives tall people a more natural feeling stroke and short people the length they need for all situations
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  • It works

    Posted by Brandon on Aug 1st 2017

    I don't like the whole weight bolt thing. It feels a bit flimsy because of this. I get the feeling that if I slip it might break off and damage my players pureX. It is kindof annoying to put in a bag since it has the bolt coming out of it. I don't know how there isn't a better option. but since this is the only one it will have to do. Not really a bad product. It is a little bit thicker than the butt of my cue.

  • Balance Rite

    Posted by Ulyesses on May 27th 2017

    Fits my Player Cue with ease. A great extension when I need it, while playing

  • Not exactly what I needed

    Posted by Sean Currie on Jan 8th 2017

    I should have read the fine print but the 8-32 thread on the end of the extension did not match my weight bolt.
    So I modified a new weight bolt to accept the 8-32 thread on the extension.
    I also had to open up the butt of the cue to accept the rubber bumper supplied in the extension.
    1 more thing I had to go deeper with my weight bolt the set the position to allow the thread engagement to seat properly.
    After all the mods it works ok, I feel when I tighten the extension into the end of the cue I can easily over tighten this small thread to the point of breaking.
    It looks great, does what is supposed to do nicely but a little more rear weighting than I expected.
    I knew when I purchased the extension that a falcon cue was not listed on the chart and mods would be required.
    I am happy with the product and it is well made and looks great.
    Possible improvements:
    1: give availability of weight bolt requirements (thread size)
    2: supply weight of extension for total cue weight.
    3: increase the thread to 10-32 for added strength (this could be done in a stepped thread with 8-32 on the end and 10-32 to start where to 8-32 ends.)


    Sean Currie
    Brampton Ontario

  • Good Lucasi Exntension

    Posted by Brendan on Jan 8th 2016

    I often pull this out on 8-10 foot tables. I'm fairly tall at 6'4" and this extension helps bring a natural feel to shots that would normal be quite a strech. It's adds a few ounces to your stick, but not enough to throw off the feel and touch of your shot. I plan on cutting it a few inches shorter and using it full time on larger tables. At stock length, it makes my cue almost 6' long. I really only need half the length that it offers. Still a fantastic product. Installs in all of my Lucasi cues without an issue. Note of warning, when using Slim tapered cues, be aware of where your bridge is on the shaft when using the extensions on stretched out shots. The taper point may throw off your English on the cue ball just slightly. Not a big problem, but worth mentioning when you're focused on running the table. Highly recommended for tall people who feel they run out of cue sometimes.

  • Worked fine with my Lucasi Custom cue, until starter threads stripped out.

    Posted by DAN on Aug 19th 2015

    I only used the extension maybe five times, but put in on other times to show my friends what it looked like. The special butt cap that comes with it was a great idea ... you replace the original butt cap with one that has a hole through it ... the screw in the end of the extension slides through the butt cap and with a little pressure, engages the threads in the weight bolt. The first three threads or so stripped out on mine and kept it from engaging the weight bolt. If I removed the butt cap it gave the screw some extra reach, and it engaged okay ... but who wants to remove the butt cap each time you use the extension. When I first used the extension, I would slide rhe screw into the butt cap and when it reached the weight bolt I would give it a little tap and then start screwing it into the bolt. I may have caused my own problem by doing this. The starter threads on the screw are 'fine' rhreads, not 'coarse' threads. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAPPING IN INTO THE BOLT - JUST PUSH IT IN THEN START TURNING IT TO TIGHTEN IT UP - - CAREFULLY. I have returned mine, but was more or less treated like I did not know what I was doing. Was told it was okay! I suggested they not return it to me, and keep it and the money. Do not know outcome yet. OVERALL, I think the extension is a nice tool to have in your cue case, but treat it with care. dan walters ... cibolo, texas

  • Excellent Form, Fit & Function

    Posted by Ken on Mar 22nd 2015

    I just received this extension today, and practiced with it at my league site. Wow!! Great form, fit and function. I previously bought the Longoni extension, which I like, but this extension runs circles around it. I had not originally realized that this Balance Rite Cue Extension is made specifically to fit Lucasi Custom Cues (among just f few others), which is what I have. The extension fits very comfortably on my cue, attaches and un-attaches very quickly, and is very stylish - you'd have to do a double take to realize it was an add-on to the cue. It is light enough that I was comfortable using it on all my shots, except when I needed to jack up the cue or ran into space restrictions. I'm looking forward to the added reach this extension will provide me with, and able to apply much better English with this extension compared with shots I'd otherwise have to use with a conventional bridge. As always, shipped quickly from Ozone and great price (cheaper than the Longoni extension I purchased which doesn't have the same great characteristics to go with my Lucasi cue).

  • Best Extension Ever

    Posted by Dexter on Apr 2nd 2014

    Best extension ever!