Balabushka Extra Shaft

Balabushka Extra Shaft

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5/16 x 14 Joint

The Balabushka Extra Shaft comes is made out of Canadian maple and comes in a 13mm diameter and features a juma ferrule. All of this ending with a professional leather tip, and a phenolic joint collar on the other end with silver a silver ring.The Balabushka Extra Shaft features:

  • 13mm Canadian maple shaft
  • 5/16 x 14 Joint
  • Phenolic collar with silver rings
  • Juma ferrule
  • Professional leather tip
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  • Silver Ring Very Thin

    Posted by stephen on Jun 3rd 2015

    Unfortunately, this is the only item've purchased from Ozone that I'm not pleased with 100%. I ordered this shaft with a Kamui Super Soft Clear tip. I was so happy to get the shaft that I used it before I noticed the silver ring on the shaft didn't match the thick silver ring on my Balabushka Cue and it didn't match the thick, silver rings on any of my other 3 Balabushka shafts, either. Used items can't be returned, so I've had to live it.
    I have purchased too many items to count from Ozone, so I do not mean to imply any intentional error on their part. I should have noticed the ring before I used the shaft. Thankfully, I can use this shaft on my Adam AD-10 cue, since it has a thin, silver metal ring on it, too.
    When you order this shaft make sure the ring is exactly the same size as the ring on your current Balabushka shaft BEFORE you use it.
    A couple of other suggestions I have are on the tip and the turndown option. I highly recommend changing the tip to a Kamui Black Clear tip or a Kamui Original Clear tip in a Super Soft or Soft. You'll be able to see your finger moving on the opposite side of the shaft when you hold the shaft up to a light. The clear option lets you know it's an authentic Kamui tip and the clear lets you know when the tip is worn out, too. Kamui tips allow you greater control of the cue ball. Balabushka shafts are great shafts to counter deflection and for $80-$100 less than low deflection shafts. I don't suggest turning down the shaft below 12.50 unless you are confident you have the perfect stroke with absolute command of the cue ball. The smaller diameter shafts may look cool, but you need excellent english and a perfectly nickel shaped tip to accurately hit the cue ball to sink your shots.
    P.S. My Apple does not format pictures into jpeg's, so I can't upload pictures to show you the difference in the size of the silver rings; however, I'm sure everyone has seen a thin silver metal ring on a pool cue before. It is a noticeable difference, but it might not matter to you.