Bake Lite Phenolic Pool Cue Tips - EACH

Bake Lite Phenolic Pool Cue Tips - EACH

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The Bake Lite Phenolic Pool Cue Tips instantly make jumping and breaking balls effortless. Upgrade your break or jump cue and take your game to the next level with this Bake Lite Phenolic Cue Tip which features:

  • 14mm Size diameter
  • Super hard density
  • Made out of Phenolic resin
  • Sold individually
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  • Break tip

    Posted by Rick andes on Mar 19th 2021

    Great break tip

  • Good for breaking, short life though

    Posted by Jim on Dec 28th 2017

    I like the tip, they do a great job of delivering the cue ball to the rack. But these are plastic and subject to breaking. A slight miss-hit to the edge can result in chipping a piece of the cue tip and making it useless

  • Amazing break

    Posted by jose on Jun 21st 2017

    If you're any good at breaking you will have absolutely no problem breaking with this tip. Ignore the people who say the tip miscues, Work on your stroke because this tip is magical.

  • great tip

    Posted by alister on Nov 14th 2016

    very good tip

  • Bake Lite Phenolic Cue Tip

    Posted by John on Mar 4th 2014

    Great tip,it really works on blasting breaks on both 8 and 9 ball racks.Big difference from my original tip(which was just a stock screw on tip) Also have had NO damage to cue ball at all like some people have said (have own table) Only problem I had was getting tip to stay on stick ( Loctite super glue gel did not work very long and tip came off while breaking.Fixed problem with Loctite plastic apoxy.Have not had any problems since.I play in an APA league never have had tip come off.

  • Fantastic tip

    Posted by Mike on Jul 18th 2013

    This tip is far superior to any jump break tip I have used in the past!

  • Breaking Ability

    Posted by Eddie Marshall on Apr 19th 2013

    My Actibought it from on Break Cue when I bought it had a leather tip on it. I reeally don't know if it came with the cue as I bought it from a Pawn shop. I changed to the Bake Light Phenolic Tip and whammo much more bang for the buck so to say. What an amazing improvement. I would reccomend to anyone who has a dedicated break stick to use this tip and see the 100% improvement.

  • Sky High

    Posted by Charles on Jan 23rd 2013

    I am just practicing to jump and has seen a great improvement changing to these they are worth the money.

  • Like a rock!!!

    Posted by Sean on Jan 20th 2013

    Since installing on my Jump/Break que I can actually jump successfully. The tip that came with the McDermat que kind of sucked. I am breaking much harder with more control and lumping a q-ball is almost effortless. AMAZING!