Aramith Glow In The Dark Pool Table Kit

Aramith Glow In The Dark Pool Table Kit

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The Aramith fluorescent table glow in the dark conversion kit is all you need for a unique pool playing experience. It fits any style and size of table. Installs and uninstalls quickly and easily. This Aramith Glow In The Dark Pool Balls Set includes:

  • High quality Belgian Aramith black light responsive (fluo phenolic) set of pool balls
  • Black light tubing for the table cushions and pockets
  • Metallic springs to hold the tube on the table and pockets
  • Black light responsive rings for the cue ferrules
  • Black light responsive stickers for the break spot, rail sights and triangle
  • Electrical black light is needed, which is not included
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  • Oustanding product

    Posted by on Oct 19th 2010

    The balls have added a much needed value to our pool tables, we have already seen a 25% increase in the usage of the tables. Our application is for commercial use, so increase in reveune is always great.

    Thanks in Advance
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  • Non-Glowing Glow in the Dark Pool Balls

    Posted by John Green on Oct 26th 2009

    The glow in the dark balls were exposed to three separately placed black lights. The black lights well and truly lit up everything in the room that would light up under blacklight including these pool balls. They are certainly brighter than regular pool balls but no where near as bright or exciting as expected.


    Posted by Alice on Oct 4th 2009

    We own an arcade in a small town and these glow in the dark kits ROCK! Everyone loves them, they have doubled the use of our tables and therefore our revenue. Easy to install. We left our old cue balls simply for the little downfall of the glow in the dark cue ball going into the ball return rather than the cue return.