Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Inter-Active 3000 with Heckler

Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Inter-Active 3000 with Heckler

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The Electronic Arachnid Dartboard Interactive 3000 Heckler Feature comes equipped with 27 Games, 123 Options and an 8 player digital score display. Play popular dart games like Cricket, 01' Games and many more. This Electronic dart board with Interactive Heckler feature will have your family and friends laughing with over 30 comments and sound effects. Some are encouraging while others are sarcastic. From comments to sound effects, it is a fun way to spice up a game of darts.This Electronic Dart Board Arachnid 3000 Interactive Heckler features:

  • 8 Player score display
  • Optional Interactive Heckler Feature (can be turned off)
  • 13" target area
  • LED display of player game and cricket scores
  • Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs
  • Game options like Play on, ranking, Single in/out, Double in/out, Sleep mode, Solo play, and Player handicap feature
  • Voice prompt for player to throw
  • Battery option, Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • 1 Year warranty against defects
  • Includes accessories - 6 Soft Tip darts, Extra Tips, AC Adapter, Mounting Hardware, Game Instructions and Operation Manual
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  • BullsEye!

    Posted by Dawn on Jan 5th 2017

    I ordered this game for a family activity. When two of the adult boys are playing pool, there are still a daughter and husband waiting for the next game. This dart board was placed on opposite wall so the entire family can have fun at the same time! It is a wonderful addition to the game room and the product is exceptional! I am certainly glad I purchased this from Ozone Billiards! Thank you.