Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Cricket Master 300

Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Cricket Master 300

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The Electronic Arachnid Dartboard Cricket Master 300 comes equipped with 36 Games, 175 Options and an 8 player digital score display. Play along with family and friends and enjoy popular dart games like Cricket, 01' Games and many more. This Electronic dart board comes with everything you need to start shooting darts. The Electronic Dart Board Arachnid Cricket Master 300 also features:

  • 8 Player score display (4 Player score display shown simultaneously)
  • 13.5" target area
  • Four sets of Cricket Tri-color LED's shown simultaneously
  • Scrolling display shows opening greeting, game and option menu and individual dart scores during play
  • Voice Record Feature - the computer calls out your own recorded name when it is your turn!
  • NylonTough Segments improve playability and durability
  • Game options like Bounce out amend, Play on, Ranking, Single in/out, Double in/out, Solo play, Player handicap, Sleep mode and reset feature
  • Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs
  • One year warranty against defects
  • Includes accessories - 6 Soft Tip darts, Extra Tips, AC Adapter, Mounting Hardware, Game Instructions and Operation Manual
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  • Good board for the price!!

    Posted by Scott on Feb 3rd 2016

    I like that you can see where all four players scores at the same time. Darts stick very nice and do not bounce out as much as my old board with the long tips. When I use short tips I can not get them to stick very good if at all so I just stick with the long tips. I like the way you can set it up to score 50 points for both single and double bulls because that is the way my league is set up for 501 and 701. When you are playing the computer I don't think there is much difference from the novice cpu player and the pro cpu player but it is a nice way to practice if there is no one else around. I use it all the time. Very good buy and I would recommend it.