Aiming By The Numbers Method - Endorsed by Mike Massey

Aiming By The Numbers Method - Endorsed by Mike Massey

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The Aiming By The Numbers Method was developed by world class pool player & instructor Joe Tucker. A unique and incredible efficient method for learning how to pocket the balls. This Aiming By The Numbers Method features:

  • 2 Aramith 2"1/4 training balls with unique embedded patterns
  • 1 detailed manual that includes 64 pages of instructions, 25 detailed drawings and a glossary
  • 2 flat aiming discs that will allow you to practice without a pool table anywhere at anytime
  • 2 pocket cheat sheets that will help you to take in the method
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  • A classic product by Joe Tucker. It teaches aiming well, has for years. Only downside is a difficult manual and setting up each shot. But if one is meticulous and persistent, success will come.

    Posted by BillHerbert on Jun 28th 2018

    The aiming disks are newer than the original balls themselves, I believe, and are a great addition to Joe’s excellent product. Sometimes hard to find, I recently ordered a set through Ozone. Give it a try if you need an advanced aiming system.

  • Aiming by the numbers.

    Posted by Dwight on Sep 23rd 2014

    A bit complicated, agree one has to read the complete book of instructions, twice. Does however shed light on some questions and gives answers. I just received it and am starting to practice with it.

  • Aiming by the numbers

    Posted by Daniel on Sep 9th 2014

    I am not to sure about this one. I will have to keep using it to fully see the effect on my game. The difficult part is visualizing the contact point on the opposite side of the cue ball. Only time will tell.

  • Very complete

    Posted by Alberto Estevez on Dec 7th 2013

    this aim method helps to understand very well the contact points and trajectories of the balls

  • Great!

    Posted by Patrick Terry on Aug 28th 2013

    This will really help in visualizing parallel aiming.,

  • Very good work out

    Posted by Quinn on Jun 29th 2012

    Got this a few weeks ago and i been useing it every night. take your time and it will work. I wish i found this a long time ago. worth every penny.

  • Aiming Solutions Found Here

    Posted by Brophog on Mar 28th 2012

    This is one part of two pieces to Joe Tucker's Aiming by the Numbers System. It is available as seen here as a set of Aramith Numbered Balls + Booklet or in a Workbook + DVD combo. The one negative I have on this system is that, ideally, both packages should be together. To get the most out of this the quickest it is best to have everything. However, accommodations are made in each package to get around that.

    The idea behind the system is to create reference shots by numbering both the object ball and cue ball. The beauty of the system is that it trains yourself not to follow a rigid system, but by giving you the answers to your most missed shots you can finally change your perception of those shots and begin to naturally aim. When you're done you'll not only know where to hit the ball but you'll finally know why it is you've always been hitting that backcut too full.

    I can't recommend this enough, whether you get the Workbook combo or the set of Aramith balls.

  • training tool

    Posted by Vincent on Feb 16th 2012

    Been usen mine for almost 2 months now and I see results each week usen it. My cuts are getting better and my aiming too. Simple to use just take your time and read everything.

  • Not sold on this product

    Posted by eburcher on Jan 16th 2012

    This product is well made, but it falls short in effectively teaching the beginning pool player how to align the shot. The problem is that the markings on the cue ball aren't visible once you get into position to make the shot. The flat training discs are much more effective than the practice balls for envisioning how to aim the shot, but they could be sold for less than $5.00. Interesting concept, but it would be just as effective without the practice balls for a fraction of the cost.