Action Jump Break Cues - Rosewood Sneaky Pete

Action Jump Break Cues - Rosewood Sneaky Pete

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Action Cues has a cue for every occasion, every player, and every level, like this Action Jump Break Cue, which shows quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. This cue has two tools that will maximize your game, providing you with a solid hit for breaking or jumping.

  • Jump Break Sneaky Pete Cue with Rosewood Forearm Design
  • 13mm 29" Hard Rock Maple 10-12" Pro Taper
  • Standard Tip: Black Phenolic Tip and Ferrule Combination
  • Wood to Wood Quick Release Joint
  • No Wrap
  • No Collar
  • 1 Year Warranty
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  • Jump/Break cue!

    Posted by Alex on Jan 30th 2021

    Haven't used it for jump shots yet! It does a great job on the break. It really scaters the balls, to the point of having the cue ball jump the table!

  • Sneaky Pete Rosewood Jump/Break Cue

    Posted by Michael on Apr 6th 2019

    I bought this cue because of the good ratings and the price point. I couldn't be more satisfied. Great bang for the buck and I'm definitely making more balls on the break. Just having my own break stick is an edge in the weekly 8 ball tournament I play in. Even when I don't make a ball on the break----the balls are scattered across the table. I highly recommend this cue.

  • nice stick

    Posted by michael wolbert on Apr 30th 2018

    The shipping sucks, and the ordering process sucks, why do I have to change the password all the time?

  • Great breaks

    Posted by Tony on Dec 28th 2016

    this was a gift from my son and I have to say it was a great choice. Have not used for jumping but breaks are fantastic. Would highly recomend to anyone.

  • Didn't know a break stick would help so much

    Posted by Nicholas on Dec 9th 2016

    This is the first break cue I have used or owned. I had no clue how much using a break cue over my standard cue would help my breaks. I was advised by a more seasoned pool player to try this stick out and I'm glad I did. It is amazing how much different my breaks are now. I'm not good enough of a player to spend large sums of money on pool cues and accessories, but I'm extremely happy that I purchased this cue.

  • Nice jump break cue.

    Posted by Paul on Jul 27th 2016

    I read all reviews for this cue on this and other websites. Actual cue has a glossy and shiny finish which is not represented in the photos. Google search Action Jump Break cues, ACTJBR for better photos. The cue comes with a phenolic tip, I selected the 21 ozs. As is, it's obvious there is no leather tip. Simple solution is to use clear 1/2 inch tape. Line tape exactly to the bottom of the ferrule for 2 revolutions. Apply black permanent ink marker sharpie extreme across the exposed tip side and just over the tape. Apply some furniture wax polish for a burnished finish. Remove tape. Done.
    Tip does take some getting used to. Once the tip flattens out a bit your breaks should pocket at least one ball sometimes 3 balls more consistently. Focus on hitting center or slightly below center on the cue ball. Nickel profile the tip with Willie's nickel tip tool.
    IMHO there are 3 important shots in the game of eight ball pool. These are the break, the first shot to claim solids or strips, the last shot to make the eight. Regardless of where your shooting skills are, with this cue you will have at least one third of the important shots covered. So get it and start busting some balls.

  • Good starter

    Posted by Kj on Dec 17th 2015

    The break jump is good, if you are a beginner to the game. Even if not, the cue breaks good and jumps well too.

  • Really Not Bad for the price

    Posted by Clint on Sep 6th 2015

    I just got my cue and I was very pleasantly surprised! Definitely not a bad Cue for the price, once you get used to the "tink" noise on a break or a jump and from having a one piece tip that is a very hard. But definitely gives you the old time crack sound when you go to break. And also a very easy stick to be jumping with for long and short and close up jump shots.

  • Nice for the price.

    Posted by Alex on Jul 12th 2014

    It's a very nice cue. Looks great, but only problem is that the quick release joints feel a little cheap. Just make sure you tighten the joints before each shot and you'll be golden. Otherwise, for the price the stick is pretty nice.