Action Cues Griffin Series GR17

Action Cues Griffin Series GR17

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The Action Cues Griffin Series GR17 offers classic themed design mixed with contemporary flair. Action Griffin Series Cues stem from a long line of innovative breakthroughs in craftsmanship and refined performance. These breakthroughs give players more of what they love including Warp-Resistant Wood Stabilizer, Polished UV Finish Coating, perfectly pressed Irish Linen Wraps, and Steel-Tite Joints for scientifically accurate connections. Griffin Cues offer you high quality pool cues at an affordable price in styles you are sure to love. The Action Cues Griffin Series GR17 also features:

  • Dark Stained Birdseye Maple Forearm and Sleeve, Alternating White Outlined Ebony Stained Points with Alternating Red Stained Point Overlays
  • 13mm 29" AAA Canadian Hard Rock Maple with 13" Pro Taper and Brass Insert
  • Standard Tip: 10 Layered, Vacuum Sealed, Boar Skin Tip
  • Black Irish Linen Wrap with White Specks
  • Piloted Stainless Steel Joint 5/16x18 Pin
  • Includes Joint Protectors
  • 1" Fiber Linen Ferrule
  • One-year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects
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  • Nice cue

    Posted by Tony Michael on Jan 18th 2016

    This is a very clean, sharp looking cue. It feels nice and plays pretty good. To be honest I notice more deflection in this cue than I would like and therefore will probably just leave it in the rack for friends to use when they come over. I did upgrade to the Predator Victory soft tip and WOW, what a tip. I will be replacing all future tips with this one.


    Posted by Griffin on Mar 7th 2015

    Griffin Pool Cues from Ozone Billiards are especially excellent pool cues. Griffin is my first name and my last name, but that is not the only reason why I like these cues. Ozone offers upgraded leather and Irish Linen wraps. The upgraded wraps allow Griffin Pool Cues to be specifically personalized to your exact look and feel. Ozone offers shaft turn downs, so you can purchase these outstanding quality shafts in sizes to suit your style of play and enhance your abilities as you develop your own personal style and the collar on every shaft will match every 2015 Griffin Pool Cue. These collars are the classic black and white checked flag finish line style. Ozone offers upgraded tips in a price range that won't leave you feeling miscued. Griffin cues are very well made pool cues without the upgrades listed here; however, I order upgrades on every cue I purchase whether the cue costs $112.20 or $1122.02, because I want my cues to enhance my pool game and match my personal style. GRIFFIN CUES, they have my name on them and you have my word on this review.
    Rack em up!
    Peace, Griffin Stephen "Stevo" Griffin

  • Great Cue

    Posted by Tim on Jun 4th 2013

    I started to play pool again after a 25 year absence. I still had my cues from the 1980's however I was afraid to use them due to their collector value and age.
    I spent two weeks here at oZone Billiards looking over cues and their spec's and settled on the above Griffin GR17 Cue weighted to 21 oz. with the stock tip, I had never shot with or heard of Action Cues Griffin Series, so my purchase was made totally on my needs and the spec's of this cue and I am very pleased with this cue.
    My first shot made with the Griffin GR17 Cue brought back memories of years ago and I felt like I was playing with one of my old higher priced cues.
    It has a very solid feel, in that every strike to the cue ball gives you the feedback of a very solid built cue. I have already played a couple hundred games and this Griffin GR17 it plays and feels as good as the first shot.
    The Butt Stock with the it Irish linen wrapping and the design is just beautiful. The cue has great balance. I have no desire to change the stock tip and I was also pleased and shocked that the cue came with free of charge a set of joint protectors, which is rare for a cue in this price range. The taper and shaft are made of a high grade straight grain maple of a quality in my opinion of a cue costing much more.
    I mentioned earlier, I was out of the game for 25 years and started to play again with a cue from back when I played which cost twice as much back then. I am so pleased with the GR17 I now use the old cue as my break cue and the GR17 as my main cue. I was very impressed with the English I can achieve without very much effort and like I said this cue is solid, you can feel each hit.
    Anyone who needs a cue be it a beginner or league player, in my opinion this is the cue will not disappoint.
    I also want too add that oZone Billiards fantastic extra's ( Free Case or Low Cost Upgrade Case and Choice of Tip again at a low cost and other offers) that are available with this cue are a great cost saver.